Ontelaunee IDPA: January 2013

A couple of weeks back I had the pleasure of shooting the January 2013 Ontelaunee IDPA Match. Shortly after the match, I came down with the flu and got a bit behind in putting video together. This post contains video from the event as well as a bunch of photos of Corey shooting his first IDPA Match.

I had a great time shooting, despite having a rather miserable second half. The match started out great and my shots were on point. When the wind began picking up and blowing over props, I lost focus. When that happened, my match fell apart and I began dropping shots left and right.

In the end, my solid fist half of the match balanced out my poor second half and I didn’t do too bad. I came in 1st Place in Stock Service Pistol – Sharpshooter with a time of 140.59 and an abysmal 49 points down.

Ontelaunee IDPA Matches are always a good time and I look forward to what Dave Bair has in store for us in February.


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