Ontelaunee USPSA: April 2014

Last Sunday was the 4th Sunday of the month. The significance of this particular Sunday is that it is the day in which Ontelaunee Rod and Gun Club hosts their monthly USPSA Match. The USPSA Program at Ontelaunee is relatively new (this was their second match of the season) and, despite that, it was another beautifully run match.

Shooters were presented with 10 Stages (roughly 230 rounds) that were both fun and challenging. For the money ($25.00 registration plus $5.00 for lunch), I think this is the best match in the area (nothing against the other clubs – I enjoy shooting at Lower Providence and Southern Chester).

In terms of my shooting, I had a decent day. I came away with 4th Place in Production Division. I clipped a No-Shoot and had a handful of misses spread throughout the match. I seemed to struggle most on the stages that were Stand & Deliver (little to no movement). It is becoming very apparent that I need to begin a dry-fire regiment.

Ontelaunee USPSA: Squad 1 Photos


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