Paced by a Little Girl on a Bike

May 4th Fitbit Run

Wednesday started out like any other day where I work from home. I was out of bed by 4:30am and was down at my laptop trying to play catch-up on a work project. A little while later my daughter woke up and we got her ready for school.

When it was time to go out and wait for the bus, we had a spirited game of “Stick Soccer” until the bus arrived. Once on the bus, I was very tempted to throw on my running shoes and head over to the developement for a run.

Knowing that I was behind on my project for work, I opted to wait until later. When my daughter got back home from school, I asked if she wanted to join me for a little run over my lunch break. She loved the idea but wanted to take her bike instead.

When I went out for a run on Monday it didn’t go so well. I wound up starting out at too fast a pace and was dead tired before breaking the one mile mark. This time I used a little girl on a bike to keep pace. It worked very well but I’m going to be in trouble when the training wheels come off.

I held something like a 13 minute mile and was able to run a pre-determined lap through the developement – without stopping. It was a goal that I set for myself and thought it would take a while to reach. I reached that goal and managed 2.2 miles in 29 minutes.

I suppose I’ll have to re-think my original goal and instead work on running a 5k without stopping. I really want to get back to being able to run a 10k.


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