Pistol Packin’ 10 Year Old

Earlier today I was going through Google Reader and clearing out old items that I starred for future reading/viewing. Among those items was a post from Shelley Rae, from Gun Nuts Media, featuring 10 year old Cori shooting USPSAOpens in a new tab.. Even though I watched the video back in June, when Shelley posted it, I thought it was cool enough to leave in my starred items folder for future viewing.

If you recall the review I did on Gun Proof Your Children by Massad Ayoob, I have a one year old daughter that I hope has an interest in guns when she gets older. In fact, when my daughter is 10, I hope she is as well disciplined as young Cori.

Notice the great job this young lady does with muzzle control and keeping her finger away from the trigger until she is ready to shoot. In addition, her reloads are better than mine!


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