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Have you ever wondered which was harder, doing a Video or Audio podcast? Let me tell you, Audio is no picnic. Dead air is awful and you have no idea how many times you use the words “and” and “uh” until you hear a recording of yourself talking. At least with video I can distract you by talking with my hands.

As you probably guessed, I’ve been working on my upcoming podcast. It is a challenge but so far I like the way it is coming together. On Sunday morning I spent about an hour recording and came away with about five minutes of usable audio.

There was a lot of scrapped recordings but part of the delay came from trying to get a handle on Garage Band. Up until now I haven’t used it for anything more than messing around with a quick audio clip. Learning the software hasn’t been terribly difficult but I find myself wondering “This is how I would do it in iMovie so why isn’t it working here…”

In an effort to streamline my first episode and minimize mistakes, I thought it would be worthwhile to script the entire episode. Once written out, all I would have to do is read it into the microphone. Piece of cake, right? Maybe for someone else but in my case I don’t write the way I speak. My written words seem odd coming out of my mouth. I’ve since switched to using my script as a guide to keep me on track.

Theoretically, my Podcast could be launched as soon as Wednesday. I think it may take a little longer than that. I’m waiting on a Logo to be delivered to my inbox (Fiverr to the rescue) tomorrow. It may or may not need revising, which could take a few more days.

In the grand scheme of things I’m actually behind. I was hoping to alternate between solo episodes and interviews with guests on a weekly basis. I spoke with Jerry Cruz about being my first guest. As I put it to him, having my first guest be someone I’ve shared a hotel room with takes the pressure off.

At this point I really need to set aside some time to send out a few email / messages and see who else I can get lined up. Having a month blocked out in my schedule would go a long way in taking the pressure off. Realistically, all I need is one more guest to fill out June – Anyone with a weight loss story to tell care to volunteer?


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