A Pretty Good Day on the Activity Front

Thursday May 5th 2016 - Run

Things have been a bit wet here in Southeast Pennsylvania. In fact, Thursday was the first day we’ve had here without any rain over the past week. Despite it being a bit chilly, I decided to take advantage of the day and get outside.

Having been out for a run on Monday and WednesdayOpens in a new tab., I was a bit concerned about going out again so soon. My shins have been a little tender and the last thing I wanted to do was overdo it and wind up being forced to take time off to recover.

While waiting for my daughter to get off the bus from school, the inner dialog started…

It isn’t raining for a change, maybe I should go out for a run?

My shins are still kind of sore, maybe I better not…

It is supposed to rain again tomorrow and I’d rather not run in the rain…

Maybe she will want to go with me and we can mostly walk…

She’ll probably want to take her bike and I don’t know if I can run another 2 miles today…

Maybe I can talk her into leaving the bike behind and we can run together?

Surely I can keep up with a 5-1/2 year old…

What else would I be doing on my lunch break?

Yeah, lets do this…

When my daughter got home from school I asked her about going for a run together. It took some convincing for her to leave the bike behind but she liked the idea of going for a run with Daddy. As it turns out, a 5-1/2 year old that plays soccer has way more stamina than I gave her credit for.

I kept a slow pace, which was easy on my shins, while she blasted on ahead to show me that she not only could keep up, she could also out run me. We covered 1.07 miles before she needed to take a break and drink a little water.

After a little walking we were back to a slow jog. I intended to alter the route so that we covered less ground today but I just felt too good. My shins weren’t bothering me and the short breaks for my daughter helped me as well.

Not only did we follow the same path as Wednesday (2.2 Miles), I doubled back on the initial loop in the course and bumped our distance up to 2.5 miles. By the end I felt like I could have easily gone another half mile but my little girl was tired, so we headed back home so that she could get something to eat and I could get back to work.

After my work day was finished I tossed my bow in the car and made my way over to the archery club. We’re in the middle of our Field LeagueOpens in a new tab. and the weather has prevented me from getting my score in for the week.

Aside from the bugs being out in full force, it was a nice way to spend an hour. I walked the Field Course and shot 14 targets (4 shots per target with a 60lb bow is a decent amount of activity). I brought my score up 3 points from last week so all in all, it was a good time.

When I got back home I found out that my daughter was eating dinner with my in-laws. My wife wanted to have ourselves a mini-date night and go out to dinner. Nothing fancy, we hit up the local diner to eat and talk. My meal choice wasn’t the best – bacon cheeseburger, but My Fitness PalOpens in a new tab. said I had plenty of calories to spare so I went ahead and enjoyed myself.

Week 3 Field Leage Score - 2016


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