Rainbow Valley

Rainbow Valley Starring John WayneI had an hour to kill on a Saturday morning and thought I would pick up where I left off on my John Wayne collection. The film I watched next is Rainbow Valley. The film hit the scene in 1935 and features a young John Wayne. This is one of several “B Westerns” that John Wayne did before hitting it big later in his career. The movie runs about 49 minutes in length.

In this flick, a gang wants to keep the law out of town so that they can get bust their leader out of the penitentiary. In order to do that, they have to run workers out of town so that they can’t rebuild a road that was washed out in a storm. In the process, they keep a stronghold on gold mines that road workers would uncover along the way.

One of the post workers poses a problem for them, so they setup and try to ambush him while he is out on mail business. John Martin, played by John Wayne, saves the day and fights off the bandits. He later takes a job protecting the road crew.

Later on during the film, the post worker is kidnapped and and the gang leader is freed from the penitentiary. Just as you would expect, a gunfight breaks out and when the smoke clears, John Martin saves the day.

Just like Paradise Canyon, this film was tough to watch at times. Whenever a character moved to a shady space on set, they became almost impossible to see. There are plenty of hisses, pops, and noise within the video. Even with the poor quality video and sound is was a fun movie to watch.

Do you ever give up your High Definition
channels to watch the occasional
black and white movie?


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One thought on “Rainbow Valley

  1. “Do you ever give up your High Definition
    channels to watch the occasional
    black and white movie?”

    Ok, I think you should start smoking mild cigars because the full ones are effecting you šŸ™‚ LOL

    I normally just watch HD anymore. Sometimes the wife will want to watch the b&w of The Wizard of Oz, but that is about it. I even go so far as to only search the HD channels on my DirecTV! I know, I am a quality whore, but damn HD just looks so much better.


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