Range Report – July 9th 2011

Range Trip - July 8th 2011 - 1

On Saturday I pulled myself out of bed, bright and early, and decided to spend a little time over at the range. With my atrocious shooting the week before, I was eager to climb back up on that horse and give it another try.

Along for the ride was my Smith & Wesson M&P and my wife’s Beretta Neos. My plan was to do some shooting with my 9mm and transition to the .22LR to have a bit of fun before heading home.

Once I arrived at the range and got situated, I hung one of my Home Made IDPA Targets and got to shooting. My first string of fire mimicked
the Pistol-Training.com Dot DrillOpens in a new tab. in the sense that I focused on smoothly drawing my weapon and firing a single round. After about thirty rounds, I drew my weapon and fired two rounds.

I have to say, when my first shot broke I had a smile that spread from one ear to the other. When my eyes fell on the front sight, I immediately saw the problem I was having the week before and was able to quickly adjust.

By the end of my shooting session, I fired seventy-five rounds of 9mm and roughly one-hundred fifty rounds of .22LR. Like I have done in the past, I brought along my camera so that I could analyze my shooting and see where my biggest problem areas were. The video below runs nearly thirty minutes and includes commentary on my shooting. Like always, constructive criticism is welcome.

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Ask The Readers

Have you ever taken a video camera to the range
to see how you were shooting?


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