Range Report: Smith & Wesson Bodyguard (08/21/2011)

Smith and Wesson Bodyguard - 1

Ever since buying a Smith & Wesson Bodyguard, I have been talking about it like crazy. It seems as though people all over Twitter, Facebook, Blogs, and my day to day life are, or were, looking into some sort of pocket pistol and many of them were looking at the Bodyguard. As a result, it has sort of been a hot topic, which I think is great.

With all of this talk comes the excitement of shooting. The video below is short and shows me putting twenty-five rounds down range (With the price of .380 you would think the full metal jacket target ammo was jacketed in gold).

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One thought on “Range Report: Smith & Wesson Bodyguard (08/21/2011)

  1. Excellent.
    I still shoot my 1997 Glock 30 (.45 cal).
    Like this gun, it is a subcompact. I have small hands and even with the magazine extension, I sometimes have trouble. It’s very accurate at up to 25 feet. After that, it’s hit or miss. But then, it was designed for close quarters and not target shooting.
    Finally! Wisconsin has approved a CCL law. Classes start in November and I’m signed up. Spent the 90’s in Mesa, AZ. No problem with concealed carry there. In fact, it was perfectly legal to carry openly. Which of course, is ridiculous in every day life. Who is going to get shot first if your in trouble?
    Even kids can carry openly if they are under 18 as long as an adult is with them. I taught my 11 year old daughter to shoot and bought her a Browning .380 and holster. We went to the range together a lot. It used to drive the little boys crazy when they saw a nice gun and holster on the hip of my little one. Now she’s literally a markswoman with almost any weapon.
    I bought a triticon sight and though it was supposed to last only 10 years, mine is still working at 14.
    Nice blog.

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