Reading Gun Show Report: Glad I Didn’t Attend

Reading Gun Show - Glock Magazines

Every couple of months there is a Gun Show at the Reading Expo Center. The Reading Gun Show is put on by Eagle Arms and tends to draw a decent crowd. At about $8 to get in, it is usually a good way to kill a couple of hours on a Saturday or Sunday.

The weekend after Christmas, another Gun Show was scheduled to come to town and I planned on attending with a friend of mine. With the gun market exploding, I had serious reservations about attending. I expected inflated prices and a large turnout of panic buyers. When it came time to head over, I decided against it.

Saturday morning I began getting messages from a friend. It was every bit as crowded as I expected and he stood in line for a half hour waiting to get in. Once inside, he was left disappointed. Most items were marked up somewhat but AR-15 Rifles were the hot ticket and carried substantial price increases. I hear through the grapevine that a friend of a friend wound up overpaying by $600 to $800 on a Colt that they just had to have before the New Year.

This sudden surge in prices has left me very disappointed. Having been bit by the AR-15 bug recently, I didn’t have enough time to accumulate the funds required to purchase one. Rather than wait around to see what happens on the political front, then wait for the market to settle, I’ve decided to shift my focus.

My plan is to take the money I have set aside and use it to build on what I already have. I’m going to take the leap and begin reloading sooner than anticipated (Ammunition prices are sky-high and availability is limited) so that I can continue to shoot matches. I’ll also be picking up a few standard capacity Glock Magazines while I still can.

With any luck, by the time January comes to a close I’ll be secure for at least another year of IDPA and USPSA Shooting. I just hope this recent frenzy doesn’t lead to difficulty in acquiring reloading components (Powder and Primers).


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  1. Since joining the gun community, I have been disheartened by the vast numbers of easily-manipulated, easily-scared, tough-guy wannabes. Biggest buncha pussies I’ve ever seen. Where is John Wayne when you need him?

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