Results: January Indoor 3D Archery at Stowe Archers

Two weeks ago I shot Indoor 3D Archery at Stowe as part of the January 2014 Curt Peterson Southeast Indoor 3D Shootout. I turned in my best score to date, 321 Points (Averaging 10.03 Points per Arrow), and was very eager to see how I placed.

When the Stowe Archers Facebook AccountOpens in a new tab. spread the word that results were available, I immediately went to check them. Despite posting my best score yet, I didn’t do so great. I placed 18th out of 24 Shooters in Bowhunter Class.

I broke into the Top 10 at Reading Archery Club and was hoping for a repeat performance. Even though it didn’t work out that way, I still had a great time.

Southeast PA Indoor Shootout Results - Indoor 3D Archery - Jan 2014 - Stowe Archers


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  1. 448 points max, so 336 = 75%. We use this as a gauge on how we are shooting. So take your score of 321 divide by max (448) equals 72% rounded up. The higher the points per target 14 versus 12 or 11 affects the math. If you don’t shoot for the 14 ring and never take that as a score then 384 is the max (12 ring) and your average would be 84% rounded again in your favor. Keeping record of this is part of an archers way of tracking improvement. Start a journal if you haven’t already, and weight in some variables like weather (outdoors) and average yardage and some of the items your spoke about before. I’m considering filming the course at Hamburg after setting it up. Range every target then post it on our face book page after the shoot. I don’t now how many shooter really care but it’s an easy and nice feature not many clubs offer.

    1. Troy,
      I love the idea of having video and yardage for each shoot. I’m looking forward to another 3D Season at Hamburg.

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