Results: January Indoor 3D Archery at Stowe Archers

Two weeks ago I shot Indoor 3D Archery at Stowe as part of the January 2014 Curt Peterson Southeast Indoor 3D Shootout. I turned in my best score to date, 321 Points (Averaging 10.03 Points per Arrow), and was very eager to see how I placed.

When the Stowe Archers Facebook AccountOpens in a new tab. spread the word that results were available, I immediately went to check them. Despite posting my best score yet, I didn’t do so great. I placed 18th out of 24 Shooters in Bowhunter Class.

I broke into the Top 10 at Reading Archery Club and was hoping for a repeat performance. Even though it didn’t work out that way, I still had a great time.

Southeast PA Indoor Shootout Results - Indoor 3D Archery - Jan 2014 - Stowe Archers


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