My Safety Razor Has Arrived

Safety Razor Badger Brush and Shave Soap

Lately I’ve been giving a lot of thought to switching to a safety razor. Thanks to helpful comments and and the vast supply of information on SharpologistOpens in a new tab., I decided to make the leap. I ordered a Merkur Double-Edge Safety Razor, a Badger Shaving Brush, Col. Conks Shaving Soap, and a pack of Merkur Double-Edge Razor Blades.

My Amazon order arrived last night and I felt like a kid on Christmas. With everything I would need to transition away from modern razors, I got down to business. I was a little nervous the first time the safety razor touched my face but with each pass I grew more comfortable.

The process took a bit longer than usual but I enjoyed myself. The end result was a single nick on my neck and the closest shave I’ve ever had. I have a few spots on my face that could have been done better (I can feel a slight bit of stubble when rubbing against the grain) but I’m sure that will get better with experience.

Would you care to recommend a pre-shave facial soap and aftershave?


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