I would have screamed like a little girl

A few weeks back I had the opportunity to give bear hunting a try. To make a long story short, we had to abandon our tree stands and hunt from the ground. The concept of hunting an animal, from the ground, that could quite easily hunt me, was a little concerning.

I realize that black bear can climb trees but even so, there is some peace of mind being in a tree. We didn’t wind up with a bear that day, or even see one, but it was an enjoyable experience and I’ll always remember my first bear hunt.

Fast forward a few weeks. Just the other day I received a Facebook Notification that my Dad tagged me in a Bear Hunting video that he came across. After watching the video, I can safely say that if that were me up in that tree, I would have screamed like a little girl.

Now, if that bear didn’t make me his bitch after my blood curdling scream, I think the hunt would have ended right then and there. Nerves and adrenaline aside, I don’t know that I could shoot an animal after an experience like that. It wouldn’t change my outlook on hunting but when you have a face-to-face like that with an animal, and it doesn’t rip your face off, you don’t push your luck by taking a shot afterwards. Am I right?


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