Shooting the 2014 PFATA Indoor State Championship at Stowe Archers

2014 PFATA Indoor State Championship - Stowe Archers - 1

Earlier this week I got word from Troy Ross, President of Hamburg Game Association, that Stowe Archers was hosting the 2014 PFATA Indoor State Championship. The idea of mixing it up with a little spot shooting was very appealing and I made arrangements to attend.

I arrived shortly after 8:00am and went through the registration process. After handing over $10, I unpacked Elite Pulse and began to warm up. It was evident that I hadn’t practiced in a month as I struggled to keep my sight pin steady.

When 9:00am rolled around, all archers ceased shooting and gathered around. Rules were explained and we were paired into groups of three for redundant scoring. Once everyone understood how the match was going to run, we all stepped to the line and began loosing arrows.

The format was 12 Ends of 5 Arrows on a NFAA 40cm Indoor Face. We shot two Practice Ends followed by 6 Scored Ends. This took a little less than an hour and we were given a 15 minute break period. When our break concluded, we shot one Practice End followed by 6 Scored Ends. The best possible score for this event was 300 Points and 60 X’s.

After shooting my final end, I wound up with 289 Points and 22 X’s. Dropping 11 Points is significant but considering I’ve been shut in for the past month, thanks to Pennsylvania weather, I’m pretty happy with my score. It will be a few days before I know how I stacked up against other archers

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The 2014 PFATA Indoor State Championship was my first formal Archery Event. I didn’t find it terribly different from Outdoor 3D Events, in terms of how the shoot was run, and I think that gave it a comfortable feel. The more time I spend at Stowe Archers, the more I like the club. I look forward to shooting more events at Stowe and would urge you to pay them a visit.


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