Shooting The Breeze Podcast: Episode 10

Shooting The Breeze - Episode 10 - LFD Colorado Oscuro - 1

In this episode I talk about feeling a bit under the weather and recording before things got much worse. As it turns out, it was a good thing I recorded a day early. I’ve been editing this video between doses of NyQuil.

As usual, this episode runs just under an hour and covers the usual material. All of the links and show notes can be found below. Thanks for checking it out, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on this episode.

Show Notes

In The News:
Featured Content:
Cigar and Drink Pairing:

If you are interested in trying the La Flor Dominicana Colorado Oscuro
pick up the phone and order from my preferred retailer.

Buckhead Cigar

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Topic of Discussion

In this episode I talk about my experience with the Range LogOpens in a new tab. website and Android App.

iOS Friendly Version HereOpens in a new tab.



Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - I’m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

17 thoughts on “Shooting The Breeze Podcast: Episode 10

  1. Hey Walt, best POD cast yet and great way to usher in the double digits! First, that 1911 knife is sick!! I’m a BIG 1911 fan, and I had 2 Colt models about 8yrs back. I’m sure with a little exposure you could be one of us. I would still have them except my wife and I had bought our first home and the mandatory club membership was more then I could afford at the time(Here in Canada we have to be members of a club…not cheap in Montreal, so I had to let them go). I will have another some day soon though, but great on you for referencing an article from our gazette; very cosmo of you. I really am jealous about your right to carry…assuming you are law abiding, no one should be able to take that away from you. I’ve visited a dozen states from Maine to California, and the root of crime can be traced to exploitive and less then human politician and the interest groups (the 1%) that pull their strings. Keep that tinfoil hat on Walt…it looks great. By the way, not to get too much into a socio-political discussion, but what’s your feeling on Ron Paul? I honestly believe he could bring the U.S. back to its glory. By the way, I paired up a Monte#4 with a cup of coffee for the occasion…take’r easy!

    1. Steve,
      One day I hope to proudly display my membership card to the 1911 Fan Club, but for now it must wait. A good, solid, 1911 is a significant investment. I hear great things about some of the entry level 1911’s (Rock Island Armory) but when the time is right I want to get something like a Springfield Armory or a Para Ordinance. Both companies offer models that are a little less spendy.

      Regarding Ron Paul, he is the one Presidential candidate that I have been paying most attention to. I like to listen to him speak and I think he makes some great points.

      Sounds like your cigar and drink pairing was a winner. Thanks for watching and leaving a comment

  2. Hi Walt, good review as always,guns and cigars,we will always have to fight for both of them, I’m afraid it will never end. That cigar is to strong for me.

    1. I think you are right, it will never end. It seems like every month I’m getting literature from both the NRA (National Rifle Association) and the CRA (Cigar Rights of America) on newly proposed legislation against both guns and cigars.

      Thanks for watching and commenting.

  3. Good podcast. Always like having a smoke and having something to watch. Your camping growing up sounds just like mine and I alway got a hard time about how I never been really camping. I got the chance to really camp and had a good time. Sure is different then being in a motorhome. also you must of got your m&p at the right time I can not find one any were.

    1. Joe,
      I was on a gun forum just the other day and saw someone else having some trouble finding an M&P. I didn’t realize they were getting hard to coe by.

      I don’t know how you feel about ordering online and picking the gun up at your FFL but it looks like Buds Guns has a few

      Thanks for watching and leaving a comment.

  4. Thanks for that Walt but I should of said I need a CA approved. I was told the military signed a contract with S&W for the m&p9 not sure if that is true but it would explain why I cant find one.

  5. Another great show! I’ve been fighting congestion/a cold for my last two shows. It sucks.

    Thanks for linking that 1911 knife. I saw it before but it fell off my radar. I think I may buy one.

    As for range log, something that I wish they would integrate into the app is the mobile version of the website itself: it adds some more functionality to the phone.

    1. JP,
      I’l have to check that out. If the mobile website offers more than the android app, it kind of makes the paid app unnecessary.

      Thanks for the heads up.

      1. The driving force behind using the app is GUI, and having the data available to you offline. If you sync up before you go to the range, and your range is out of service area like one place I frequent, the app saves the day.

        1. JP,
          That totally slipped my mind. Coverage in my area is fantastic. In fact, it is pretty rare for me to fall out of 3G coverage. I sometimes take that for granted and assume most others get the same type of coverage at their local ranges.

  6. Congrats on the 10th episode!! Great job!!
    It is frustrating listening to the ignorant reasoning of the anti gun groups and politicians. The facts are right there for them to see and they refuse to accept it. Thank God for our Consititution.

    1. Jan,
      Thanks for checking out this episode. I get kind of frustrated listening to all of the anti-gun arguments also. But then again, they probably feel the same way about pro-gun arguments. Just like I am not going to be swayed to turn anti-gun, we’ll probably never turn them pro-gun either.

  7. What kind of torch is that? That looks like a Beast of a Torch. Enjoyed the news, hope that woman in DC gets her permit to carry a gun. Nice piece on the camping article. I know how you feel when you are expection a box of cigars. That’s always a great moment. Get well soon. Congrats on posting your 10th Podcast.

    1. Blaze,
      I don’t remember which one I used in the podcast (I have 2 table torches and a pocket lighter sitting next to my chair)

      If it was blown and single flame, it was a Rocky Patel Table Torch that has long been out of production. It is basically a Crem Brule torch and you can get something very similar at any of the big box stores like Walmart, Target, Bed Bath and Beyond, etc…

      If it was chrome, it was a Prometheus Magama T. It is a triple flame torch and does a pretty good job. I tend to reach for this one second to the torch listed above (the single flame feels more precise).

      If it was small and sparked when ignited, that would be my Prometheus Retro Lighter. It is a small pocket torch with a flint mechanism that gives it a very unique quality.

      Thanks for checking out the podcast and for the continued support.

      1. It was the black torch that looked like a little glue gun. It may have been that table torch you mentioned. Thanks for the info. I have several lighters already my favorite is the Colibri Enterprise triple flame.

        1. The black one is the old Rocky Patel Table Torch. I’ve seen identical models, without the RP Logo, for sale as Crem Brule torches. Has served me well over the years. Always works and has been a pleasure to use since I hacked off the child safety mechanism.

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