Shooting The Breeze Podcast: Episode 21

Drew Estate Undercrown and Shooting Glasses - 1

This episode comes just a couple of days after a very busy, and pleasant, Christmas week. Featured content and news were a little tough to come by so I used a pair of topics for each segment.

I thought I was going to wind up short on time, which was fine by me this week, but I got a bit gabby and rounded out with just about 52 minutes worth of show.

I hope you enjoy watching/listening as much as I did recording.

Pre-News Talk
  • Received some awesome info on getting into a Glock via Nick on last episodes comments
  • Called Smith & Wesson regarding my M&P magazines rusting
  • Found that Miguel from Gun Free ZoneOpens in a new tab. left me a review on iTunes
In The News:
Featured Content:
Cigar and Drink Pairing:

If you are interested in trying the Undercrown by Drew Estate
Pick up the phone and order from my preferred retailer.

Buckhead Cigar

Phone: (404) 844-0400 | Twitter: @BuckheadCigarOpens in a new tab. | Web: AskTheCigarGuysOpens in a new tab.

Discussion Topic:

On the blog post for Episode 20 of Shooting The Breeze, Corey asked how I went about determing what my next gun purchase would be. in this episode I talk about how I weight what I want versus my perceived need.

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Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - I’m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

13 thoughts on “Shooting The Breeze Podcast: Episode 21

  1. WAIT!!!! TMZ might not be creditable??? hahah. Don’t tell my wife. Great show, I’m excited about trying the Undercrown, I haven’t had many Ligas but the few I have have been great. Love that you worked in the Castle Doc. there isn’t enough info out there about it. More people need to know what their rights are. I’m really at a cross here when it comes to a new firearm, pocket or target??? How do you feel the Pocket draws I’m worried it would really make a draw difficult. I know the LCP (which I’m looking at) doesn’t have a manual safetly like the bodyguard. How do you like the holster for it? Also just got a new Range bag and I am finding more and more stuff (junk) to put into it. Whats in yours?

    Keep up the good work

    1. I know what you mean, although not TMZ, my wife watches E! News fairly regularly.

      I was very excited to try the Undercrown. I heard great things about it and I’m a big fan of the Liga Privada Line. I just wished it would have smoked better, I would have enjoyed it much more.

      My bodyguard will draw differently than the LCP. My pocket pistol has large sights that can get hung up in a pocket where the LCP has low profile sights that shouldn’t get snagged on a pocket. I’m having issues with the holster. The rear sight has dug a rut into the material and now requires a thumb-break nudge, of sorts, before it will come free of the holster.

      What do I keep in my range bag? Less and less these days. At first I jammed it full of everything that I might need at the range (ammo included). After my first USPSA Match, I learned my lesson (lugged it from stage to stage for several hours. It was pretty heavy).

      Thanks for watching/listening and leaving a comment

  2. Walt,

    Thanks for the shout out; glad you found the links resourceful, I enjoy the shooting the breeze episodes. I’m a long time fan of the entire stogie review crew.

    Be careful with glocks, you will start shooting the glock 17 and get hooked on the trigger. Then it will tempt you to buy a glock 26 for your everyday carry. You will start keeping your glock 17 mags in your night stand for home defense. Then you figure out you can replace the two 17mags with a glock18 33 round mag.

    I don’t know if you get the sportsman channel. But tactv did two 1-hour show torture test on a 3rd and 4th gen glock 17 that were interesting. The tests were to simulate situations that may happen to an operator in the field such as the glock being submerged in a body of water, frozen in a block of ice, run over with a truck, dropped out of a helicopter. Each time they tested if the gun would successfully fire afterward, which it did. The last test was the best though; they used a manikin with a glock holstered on either side and set off and explosion. The gen 3 was usable immediately after it was recovered. The gen 4 because of its position to the explosion the slide partially came off the rails and the trigger had blown off. It took them a minute to push the slide back on the rails and cycle it but they did. Then the host used alligator pliers from a leatherman to pull the piece of the trigger in the recesses of the frame and it fired. Sorry only a link to the preview not the full episode (

    Stay Armed My Friend

    1. Nick,
      I don’t get the Sportsman Channel anymore (I miss not having it) but I seem to recall a similar Glock Torture Test. They fired the gun under water, buried it in dirt, sand, and Portland cement, and the gun just kept running.

      I’ve never had anything against Glock, the ergonomics just weren’t for me when I started shooting. Now that my shooting has evolved, they are now very appealing. I’ve been keeping an eye out for a used G17 but nothing has come up locally.

      I don’t especially want to buy new but it might be worth heading out to one of the local shops and seeing how a Gen 4 feels versus the Gen 3 that I’m looking for.

      Thanks for checking out the episode and leaving a comment. I appreciate all of the info you’ve provided.

  3. Enjoyed the episode, I think your going to buy that Glock, I just have a feeling. Happy New Year Walt, see you next year.

    1. On Friday I spent a little time visiting two local gun shops to see if they had any used Glock 17. Neither did. If they had, I may not have been able to resist the urge.

      Thanks for checking out the episode and leaving a comment. Happy New Year.

  4. Nick left out the glock 19 for IDPA:) All I think about is more glocks now , and should I build my own glock. You don’t have a front door gun or a nightstand gun???? When I get my glock back you are more then welcome to shoot it but I have a feeling you will have your own 17 before then. Did you give anymore thought to joining GSSF for $60 for two years and getting a coupon for a new gen 4 17 or 19 at $425 that comes with three mags???? you get one discount glock coupon every year and acess to armorer’s courses and instructor courses. The instructor course looks legit too , mostly range work 1,000 rounds in three days can’t see alot of classroom with that round count. Was reading the rule book and you cannot replace the trigger and you shouldn’t even mess with the connector because the 3.5 pound connector is for the 34 and 35 models and was never produced on a 17 or 22 so it would be illegal. USPSA is lashing back because the recent ruling on allowing internal componets to be replaced. Read the big USPSA NROI letter to that affect and let me know what you think. USPSA might have just layed a trap to see how many were going to “game” the production division , because your gun must come in at factory weight +2 oz with empty mag insterted at major matches.

    Great show as always walt and hit me up sometime for some freezing range time:)

    1. Scott,
      I was looking at the G17 vs G19 on the Glock Website. The 19 looks like it would be a great gun for IDPA but I’m headed towards a G17 for Production Division USPSA.

      The way it looks, you might have your Glock back before I find one used. I was kind of surprised at how scarce they are at the moment. Neither The Handgunner or Gun Traders had seen a used Glock 17 come through in a while.

      I have actually thought about GSSF, however, I missed the 2 Year Subscription and instant Glock Coupon. The 1 Year membership is around $35 but you don’t get a discount coupon until you’ve been a member for a full year. The only downside is that I recently saw someone having to wait 6 weeks for a discounted Gun (apparently you have to buy from LE accounts and it takes a while).

      I’m very interested in the Armorer course but the $190 price tag stings a bit (I’m scraping gun money together now and I don’t have to buy rounds for matches). I’ll have to look into the instructor course as I’m not sure what it actually is.

      I’ll have to take a look at the NROI letter and check the rule book. I was under the impression that installing Apex trigger components on my M&P was legal for Production Division and assumed replacing the connector would be the same, more or less, as far as USPSA was concerned. Either way, I’m okay with a 5+ pound trigger (it is what I have in my M&P at the moment).

      Range time sounds good. I’ll let you know when I finally get around to picking up PVC for home-made target stands to use at Topton.

      Thanks for checking out the podcast ad leaving a comment.

      1. called glock and shakey’s gun shop and a couple stores in philly take the coupon. do the 2 year for $60 and get the coupon , if it takes a couple weeks it would be good to do now so by the time the season starts you would have the coupon , and since we go near the philly area to shoot at lower prov. after a match you could drive a couple more minuters and use the coupon.

  5. Hey Walt,

    Glad to hear you were able to get those mags swapped out. I am happy that Louisiana has the castle doctrine law, couldn’t imagine having to flee my house from an intruder. Good for the 60 plus year old woman that defended herself from the purse snatcher. Don’t mess with little old ladies. LOL!

    I also heard the story about the “Son’s of Guns” television show. I always wondered how much of what they do is scripted or real. Will sure walks around there like he’s the Big Dog…….makes you wonder.


    1. Blaze,
      I can’t believe that the show is completely unscripted. Two many of the customers sound like the’ve been coached on what to say. Not to mention that some of the requests make absolutely no sense (outfitting a police department with replica Thompson Sub Machine Guns).

      Thanks for watching and commenting.

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