Shooting The Breeze Podcast: Episode 22

Alec Bradley Black Market - Beretta 70S - 2

The holidays were both cruel and kind to my little podcast. While some much needed time away from my day job was great, I had difficulty prying myself away to work on the podcast. My trend of recording the podcast at the last minute continued and I wrapped up recording last night.

The episode runs a little more than fifty minutes and covers everything in the show notes below. Please feel free to leave a comment and use the social share buttons at the bottom of this post.

Pre-News Talk:
  • Have become a member of the Gun Rights Radio NetworkOpens in a new tab.
  • Talked about the flow of the podcast for any potential new listeners from GRRN
In The News:

CBS Story on More Women Embracing Gun Ownership

Featured Content:
Cigar and Drink Pairing:
  • Cigar: Alec Bradley Black Market
  • Beverage: Zaya Rum

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Discussion Topic

I have an old Beretta 70S in .380 ACP that I rare shoot anymore. I’ve been toying around woth the idea od selling it to fun another gun, which would see regular use. To complicate things more, I came across photos of a re-finished Beretta 70 Series and fell in love with the way it looked. I’m not completely baffled on what to do, and decided to think out loud to the camera.

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Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - I’m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

20 thoughts on “Shooting The Breeze Podcast: Episode 22

  1. congrats walt! Pro gun is in , anti gunners are misinformed. Women in shooting is picking up because all those “macho” aholes are dying off and look at the sports , bullseye is about as much fun as watching paint dry. We must go to a match in mohton so you can feel the pain and see the lack of youth at bullseye matches and video tape it:) The more these ultra cool sports are presented to the public the more they want to play. You see these guys running around with enough guns and ammo to invade a small country having fun running and gunning. Hell look at the shotgun sports trap and skeet are taking a back seat to sporting clays. This is becoming the country our founders wanted. The youth is becoming engaged and the shooting sports are becoming more fast paced and exciting for shooters and spectators.

    It would take me a page and a half just to list the shooting sports. The shooting world is as diverse as the people within our country. The myth of us all being racist white guys wearing camo and talking about overthrowing the government is disappearing. Hell someone in a wheelchair could shoot USPSA , I’d gladly push them around the course:) there is a backlash in europe too. These are games of extreme skill that everyone can enjoy. The media is backing off and in some sense switching sides. To the content of “burn out” if you aren’t having fun out on the range you are doing something wrong:) The women shooters are in it for the same reason as the men , the smell of gun powder , focus and mental state improvements and for the sheer joy. Great show walt look forward to many more.

    1. Scott,
      The only way I’d shoot bullseye is if we were to draw from a holster and could take the shot like we would any USPSA distance shot, with a nice healthy par time (10 seconds seems like more than enough time). Pressing out the gun, one handed, and taking a minute between shots doesn’t seem appealing to me at all. There is nothing wrong with it, it just isn’t my thing.

      It is funny you mention the stereotype. Not long ago I was talking to guy about my joining Topton. One of the things they said were “Oh, those backwoods guys are going to suck you into their militai and have you conspiring to overthrow the government.” It was a joke, of course, but a very good example of the stereotype.

      I watched some video from a USPSA match not long ago that had disabled shooters. It was a 3 Gun Match of sorts and one guy was being pushed around the stage and handed a shotgun at each target array. It was great to see and I feel the same way, I’d be happy to help someone work their way through a stage.

      Thanks for checking out the podcast and leaving a comment.

  2. Hey Walt,

    Congrats on being picked up by Gun Rights Radio, you will make a great addtition.

    The “Thin is Sexy” Ad is from Kahr Arms (

    Their niche is a glock like gun that is easier to carry because of its thinest compared to glock. I own three and they are great for when I have to dress up but can’t carry a bulky glock. My girl likes shooting it because her smaller hands can manipulate the weapon easier.


    1. Nick,
      Thanks for the kind words. I’ve been listening to podcasts on the network and keeping an eye on the forums for months.

      You know, Kahr was the first company that came to mind when I saw the ad but I thought “Nah, that can;t be right. I’ve seen the silhouette commercials and think its Walther”. Similar premis, different ad altogether. Thanks for clearing that up for me.

      Thanks for the link, I didn’t realize Kahr was so much thinner than a Glock. If I can ever get my wife back into shooting, I’ll have to have her check them out. My M&P and XD are both a bit too big for her to hold comfortably.

      Thanks for checking out the podcast and leaving a comment.

      1. Walt,

        Shelley Rae at with had a great review posted on her Kahr experience ( The pm9 is really expensive which is why I bought the cheaper variant CM9 $350 ( and CW9 $328 (, because it fit my larger hands better being 6’ 1”. I wear the CW9 all day, from when I roll out of bed in the morning till I put my head down at night. Both fit in the same Concealment Solution Black Mamba CE holster, so I didn’t have to buy each gun its own holster.

        Thanks for another great show I usually save it for the last hour of work on Tuesday. I wasn’t able to finish watching the episode till this morning. It made me laugh because I just put up my first carry gun for sale on Gunbroker Monday, Kahr MK40, I would carry it using a comptac ctac holster. I finally decided to sell it because I wanted the money to fund another gun purchase. It also was a pain to shot being such a small and light gun cambered in .40cal. Those reasons coupled with the fact that all my other handguns are 9mm with the exception of the my Ruger LCP I just got tired of either having to keep .40 cal ammo around or running low on 9mm and seeing I only had .40cal ammo left made me curse myself.

        1. Nick,
          Thanks for the link. I didn’t catch that one when I scanned my RSS Feeds this morning. When Kahr comes up in conversation, I usually have people suggesting the PM9. Due to the cost, I never paid much attention to the line when considering a new purchase. The CM9 and CW9 both seem reasonable.

          I feel your pain regarding ammo. I shoot 9mm the most (by far) but have to keep .40 on hand for my XD Sub Compact (Carry) and .380 ACP on hand for my Bodyguard (Pocket Carry). I should have thought a little harder when I picked up my XD and kept things consistent by going with a 9mm model.

          Thanks for watching the show!

  3. Walt,

    One more thing that Berretta in chrome is beautiful I have a Berretta 92fs in Innox (Berretta’s fancy word for chrome). I rarely us it because of its da/sa trigger (my only gun that is (da/sa), I just love the look of the gun and I know I would kick myself if I sold it. I usually only bring it out the safe when I take out of town guest to the range to show them why their first gun should be a glock 17, a lot less complicated to operate. But the gun runs flawless. And I can’t see myself ever selling it.

    1. Nick,
      Back when my wife and I took an NRA Safety Course, one of the instructors let me shoot his Beretta 92. Nice gun, fun to shoot, but I don’t know that I’d want to own one (for the same reason you don;t shoot yours much).

      There is a guy that Scott (commented above) and I shoot with at USPSA matches that uses a Beretta 92 (I’m almost positive it is a 92) and he has a hard time with the double action first shot. Watching him start the stage, he consistently pulls the first shot low due to the trigger, then holds a decent group.

      I’d rather have one or the other. Double action all the time, or single action all the time. I think any inconsistency between the first and second shot is only going to lead to problems (but that is just my opinion).

      Thanks for the comment

  4. Hey buddy, great show, glad I can add to the frustration haha. As far as keeping or selling your gun, I vote for sell it. I sold the first ever handgun I bought and as much as I wanted to keep it I never shot it it was just laying around and I figured why not get rid of it. I used that money for more ammo and don’t regret it at all. I don’t recommend coating it and spending anymore money on it cause in the end if your not shooting it now I don’t see you shooting it down the line, so why put any more money into it. I would take the cash whatever you will get for it and maybe pick up something for your other firearms (laser, red dot sight,) just my 2 cents. Hope all is well great show.

    1. Corey,
      Are you still planning on giving competitive shooting a try next season?

      Maybe I’ll take the gun over to Gun Traders and see what they offer me for it. I’ll be heart broken if they tell me $100.00. At that point, I’ll hold onto it forever out of spite…. LOL

  5. Walt if you are planning to keep the 70s as a collectors gun do not get it refinished because that takes the value of the firearm to effectively 0. those are the other questions do you have a special serial #? if it’s in .380 you don’t have an odd chambering , like if it was in .32 I’d say yes hang on to it. I’ve been watching alot of NRA guns and gold and it seems you have to have something odd for the value to really increase. I’ve seen guys come in who had a rifle passed down from gernerations to be valued at $2,000 max. Refininshing kills the value of a firearm not that I care about the value of a glock 17 becaue it has no collectors value nor ever will , unless you have the glock that shot gifords ( I know bad joke ). I did some research on your model and I say get rid of it , if you trade it you can beat the tax for the value of the trade. The reason I say get rid of it is first there is no collectors value , second it eats expensive ammo , thrid if it’s not a collectors gun how often or what need does it fill to shoot it? The only reason to keep it would be to load it up and put it near your front door so you have quick access to a firearm when/if you answer the door at a strange time.

    1. Scott,
      Researching this gun has been a mess. From what I could gather, the common chamberings were .22 and .32 with the .380 being less common.

      Like I mentioned in in the podcast, I have dreams of this gun allowing me to retire early or put my daughter through college, I just don’t want to wind up selling it for 1/3 of what I paid for it. At that point, I’d rather just keep it as something to bring out on odd occasions.

      I’m kind of curious to see what I can get for it in trade towards a new Gen 4 Glock 17.

      1. what did you pay for it? so .380 is the odd one? if .380 is the odd cal yeah you might want to hang on to it , if you call berreta they might be able to help you out on when it was manufactered and who first bought it. From what I saw you daughter’s grandchildren might be able to get 2,500 from it:) Old doesn’t always mean collector’s piece in the firearms world.

        1. Scott,
          A while back I did some research on the serial number and found out that it was manufactured in the 70’s. Turns out I was wrong, .22 is the desirable model.

          I think I paid somewhere around $250 to $275 because I remember walking out the door having spent about $300 after taxes and background check.

          1. most likely the long barrels right? It’s not the age it’s how damn ugly they are the determines value. If you want a collectors piece go out and find a gun that you or no one else would buy and buy it:) you might get $150 out of it. Found out shakey’s gun shop up 61 takes the discount coupon so you could walk in and not have it shipped.

          2. Scott,
            I’m not sure what makes the .22 more desirable. In my opinion, it is a much uglier gun, so you might have a point there…. LOL

            I looked up Shakey’s while on break at work. One of the guys just happened to walk in and start talking about the shop. Apparently he has a friend that bought an NFA item up there and was happy with the service.

            Joining GSSF is looking more and more appealing. I’m good for about one gun a year. If Glock is offering a discount, that is a great way to keep me buying their products.

  6. Hey Walt,

    Congrats on becoming part of the Gun Rights Radio Network. That just says some people are liking what you have to say. Keep up the fine work.

    Very cool story on the Kroger’s employee shooting the perpetrator in the face. That’s what I call “Stopping the Treat”. Make thugs think twice if more people would just defend themselves, or not…..sometimes they just don’t think.

    Nice cigar and drink pairing. Fine looking wrap on the Black Market. I have never pair a cigar with rum, but maybe one day. I mostly pair with wine, water, or coffee.

    Great Show,

    1. Blaze,
      Wine was one thing I was never able to get into. I’ve tried a couple of times but never found anything that I thought was good enough to purchase a second bottle.

      Thanks for checking out the episode and leaving a comment.

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