Shooting The Breeze Podcast: Episode 31

Glock 17 and EP Carrillo New Wave Short Run 2012 - 1

This weeks gun podcast was a little rushed due to a rather busy week. My intention was to shorten the show considerably so that I had plenty of time to record and edit. As it turns out, I still managed to fall into the 45 to 60 minute range that I shoot for every week (and typically blow right on by).

As usual, Shooting The Breeze is available for streaming in both audio and video formats, down below. Once you are finished with the episode, please head down to the comment section and share you’re thoughts. Comments have been a little light over the past few weeks and I’m beginning to develop a complex.

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Cigar and Drink Pairing:
  • Cigar: EP Carrillo New Wave – Short Run 2012
  • Beverage: Dunkin Donuts Coffee

If you are interested in trying the EP Carrillo New Wave – Short Run 2012
Pick up the phone and order from my preferred retailer.

Buckhead Cigar

Phone: (404) 844-0400 | Twitter: @BuckheadCigarOpens in a new tab. | Web: AskTheCigarGuysOpens in a new tab.

Discussion Topic:

Over the past couple of weeks I have been exchanging email with a podcast listener, Aaron from New York. We got to talking about the New York State Permit system and Aaron was kind enough to write a piece on the subject. In this episode, I read that piece and add a few thoughts of my own.

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  1. so you don’t want to start a training cycle that has us throw rotten fruit at you while you shoot at targets hanging upside down?

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