Shooting The Breeze Podcast: Episode 5

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This post calls for noise makers, party hats, and confetti! Posting five podcasts has to be some sort of milestone, even if it is a small one, right? Not only is my Shooting The Breeze Podcast posted, but Episode 5 is a day early. I was actually planning on posting this tomorrow but since it was ready and most people aren’t working today, I thought it was probably better to get this episode out a wee bit early.

Show Notes

In the News:
Featured Content:
Cigar and Drink Pairing:

My Preferred Cigar Retailer
Buckhead Cigar Store in Atlanta, GA
Twitter: @BuckheadCigarOpens in a new tab. | Phone: 404-844-0400

Topic of Discussion

The topic of this podcast is my Crossbreed Supertuck Delux. I purchased this holster for my Springfield XD Sub Compact. It is a cow hide model without the combat cut. Links to this holster manufacturer, as well as the others mentioned in the podcast, can be found below

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