Shooting The Breeze Podcast: Episode 7

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This week has been a mess in terms of producing my weekly Shooting The Breeze Gun Podcast. I was unable to set time aside to record this episode due to prior commitments, so it cam down to recording at the last minute. And by last minute, I really mean that (I started recording around 5:00am this morning).

The show isn’t nearly as organized as past shows but I had fun with it. I hope you enjoy watching/listening and I look forward to your leaving feedback in the comment section below. I would also appreciate it if you could do me a favor and use the social share buttons to spread the word on Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

Show Notes

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Video of the IDPA Stage Mentioned in Featured Content Portion of the Podcast

Cigar and Drink Pairing
  • Cigar: La Aurora 1495 BME
  • Beverage: Caribou Blend Coffee (Kuerig)
  • Retailer of Choice: Buckhead Cigars in Atlanta, GA (404-844-0400)
Topic of Discussion

In this podcast I talk about the three ranges that I am a member of and the benefits that those clubs offer. In addition, I talk about a new range that I would like to join in the very near future.

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Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - I’m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

10 thoughts on “Shooting The Breeze Podcast: Episode 7

  1. Seems that because of others’ ignorance on the subject of firearms and their objections towards owning one themselves they quite frankly are afraid. When they see an open carried weapon they are overwhelmed. They simply don’t have the educated background to think with a rational view point of “This person is carrying a weapon for their own protection and has a legal right to do so”. It’s always a matter of “I’m uncomfortable, you’re wrong, you make the compromise”.

    The way these laws are written the compromises should be made with informing the ignorant. Growing up, going to school everyone is taught to fear guns because they are bad, evil and dangerous things that kill people. This puts a hatred of guns into the minds of the people at a young age and is solidified as they get older by the media with crimes of armed robbery or murders. I am simply trying to say that people have the wrong impression when they see a gun and think the person carrying it has the intentions of wrong doing.

    Having a military background I am most certainly used to seeing/carrying open carried weapons, handling and firing weapons. I have to admit even I tend to feel a slight uneasiness when I first spot an open carried weapon. For me it really is not a very common occurrence. Open carrying gun owners are a small minority in my area. I am just used to seeing a weapon accompanied with a uniform and with that uniform comes the comfort of their authority, intentions and qualifications. I feel this is why some may feel uncomfortable at the sight of a firearm showing on someone’s hip or other holster while at a park, zoo or any other public places. In my honest opinion this issue of uncomfortable non-gun owners can be resolved with basic gun education and exposure.

    1. Ken,
      I completely agree. In many situations where someone is uncomfortable with the actions of another individual, even if within the confines of the law, the knee-jerk reaction is to lash out and force the individual to change what they’re doing in the name of comfort.

      Spending most of my youth in a Philadelphia public school system, I was always taught that guns were evil things. It wasn’t until I was in my twenties that I shot my first gun and fell in love with the hobby’/pastime.

      I think if more people would see guns for what they are, inanimate objects, there may be less fear of them. A loaded gun on someones hip, covered or out in the open, isn’t going to go off unless someone pulls the trigger.

      Like I said in the podcast, I don’t open carry nor do I have the desire to. It isn’t my flavor of carry but it isn’t against the law either (not in PA or where the article originated). As long as the gun isn’t being pointed at me or someone I love, I’m okay with it open or concealed.

      Thanks for the well written comment. I appreciate your opinion and hope to see you comment more often.

  2. Hi Walt, good Podcast, that was cool the ”human swing”, I think that would be interesting ”shooting”.Enjoyed it.

    1. That is one of the things that makes IDPA so interesting to me, there are some killer stage designs. I would love to try that type of shooting sometime.

      Thanks for checking out the episode and thanks for the continued support and comments.

  3. I listened yesterday. I was going to opine about the zoo story but didn’t. Looking at their last names I’m glad! lol

    Another great episode.

    1. Ohh I was also going to mention that I love the taste of that Caribou coffee. I just have to make sure I’ve eaten before I drink it, otherwise it really upsets my stomach.

      1. JP,
        I cheat it and run water through the K-Cup twice. I tend to drink very slowly and think that cold coffee is one of the most vile things on the planet. So, I typically drink out of an insulated travel mug (keeps coffee drinkable for about an hour). My Kuerig only has two setting, small cup and large cup. A large cup is about half of a travel mug, so I run it through twice to fill my mug. This practice is one of the reasons why I typically drink the bolder coffee.

        I can drink a small cup of extra bold coffee, run through the Kuerig once, but if I don’t have something of substance in my stomach it makes me uncomfortable.

        Thanks for listening and commenting.

    2. I read another article on the Zoo story today. More of the same but if the incident went down like it was described in the lawyers press release, I hope it does go to court and is in favor of the open carrier.

  4. Another great podcast, enjoyed listening. Open carry should be fine for those who choose to do so legally. I for one am not a open carry person. I have my CCW license and that just how I prefer to carry. If I see someone not in a police uniform carrying open I sure don’t get alarmed. I was in my local Cigar shop a few weeks back and someone was in there with an open carry firearm. No big deal! Just crazy, the way the negitive media feeds the public that all guns are bad and dangerous.

    Would love to hear some talk about different cigars that are smoked at different times of the day. You were talking about the cigar you planned to smoke and the cigar that you ended up smoking. Since I am new to cigar that would be a cool talking point for me. I do enjoy listening to the cigar and bev pairing topics also.

    Keep pumping out these videos, they are fun to listen to. So what if you are running a little late, people will understand. Life, Work and Family just need time too.


    1. I’ll leave myself a note to mention why I choose to smoke cigars at certain times for the podcast. Thanks for the suggestion.

      I know that the vast majority of people watching this podcast would understand it being late from time to time. I’m just one of those people that want the podcast posted at a certain time and strive to hold that schedule just to maintain consistency. I want people to think to themselves “Its Tuesday, I’d better go check out Shooting the Breeze” without needing a Twitter, Facebook, or Google+ alert to remind them. I’m a long way from there but I’m getting lots of support from guys like you.

      Thanks for watching and taking the time to leave a comment.

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