Shooting The Breeze: Reading Phillies Game

Last week my wife was at work and came to find a stack of free tickets to a Reading Phillies baseball game. Having gone to a game the week before, we had a good time and were looking forward to going again. My wife picked up two tickets and made plans to attend the game.

On the day of the game, the weather channel was reporting severe thunderstorms. We canceled our plans until the last minute then planned on going until the rain started. The weather was pleasant up until the top of the ninth inning, at which point the sky opened up and rain began coming down in buckets.

We had a good time at the game. After I got home, I decided to fire up the video camera and record a few thoughts on the experience.

Does your town/city have a minor league
sports team that is affordable to see perform?


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One thought on “Shooting The Breeze: Reading Phillies Game

  1. York Revolution –

    I think they are in the Atlantic League. I have never gone since they built the stadium in downtown York where all the morons hang out! I wish they would have built it out of the city so people would feel safer taking families.

    Big thing around here are the high school games – it gets crazy! School sports are supposed to be fun and i feel sorry for some of the kids!


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