Shooting The Breeze: Video Games

Last week I recorded a Shooting The Breeze video about a video game I was playing at the time. After the upload, I forgot about it until this morning when I turned on the Nintendo Wii to do some gaming. Below is a video talking about the different gaming systems and games that I played growing up. Some systems are talked about more than others.


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  1. Great topic you have here!!

    This topic is going to make me feel friggin’ old.

    1st gaming console was a Coleco-Vision. Only game that I can remember playing was The Smurfs.

    2nd – Atari 2600 – Favorite game had to be Superman. Other games that comes to mind are Qbert, Summer Olympics, Johson vs Bird.

    3rd – Atari 800xl – This was Atari’s attempt at the home computer. System was made up of a keyboard that had a slot for cartridges and a 5.25 floppy drive. I basically had every Atari 2600 game on floppies. My cousin would give me x-rated games which included Strip Poker and a pinpall game that had a naked chick on screen.

    4th – NES – Favorite sport games were Double Dribble, Tecmo Bowl and Blades of Steel. I also played Bad Dudes, Ninja Gaiden, N.A.R.C. and who can forget Contra!!!

    5th – Sega Genesis – Altered Beast was the game that came with the system and the novelty of that game wore out pretty quick. Like you, I played Mortal Kombat 1 and 2.

    6th – Sony Playstation – Bought the system because of Tekken. Other games that I remember playing was EA Sports Fifa, Gran Turismo, Twisted Metal, Need for Speed, Resident Evil, and Ridge Racer. Another game that was pretty unique was Bushido Blade.

    7th – Sega Dreamcast – I really thought Sega was back on the scene with this system. Played Soul Caliber and I thought it was aweseome! Sadly, the system fizzled out. Sonic the Hedgehog was great on the Dreamcast. The other two games that I enjoyed playing were a soccer game and a hockey game. Both had real teams but were very cartoonish in the graphics and game play.

    8th – Xbox – My wife bought this for me. Unfortunately, she didn’t know that I was holding out for a PS2. I didn’t buy many games for the Xbox. I think the only games I may have bought were Mortal Kombat and EA Sports Fifa. Rented games most of the time.

    9th – PS2 – At this stage I was really into the fighting games. Mortal Kombat, Soul Caliber, Dead or Alive. Sport games were Fifa, NHL, and MLB…all EA Sports. Driving games were Need for Speed, and Twisted Metal.

    10th – PS3 – Traded in my Xbox and PS2 along with all the games and controllers. Picked up a 80 gig PS3 and the first thing I did was upgrade the hard drive to 350 gigs. I told myself this time around that I’d only buy games that have a high replay value and that I wouldn’t get tired off. Some of those games include, Guitar Hero 2, Guitar Hero World Tour, Guitar Hero Metallica, Rock Band, Rock Band 2. I also picked up Little Big Planet which is very addictive. If you like a Super Mario type game, you’ll love this. Sport games are, EA Sports Fifa and EA Sports Tiger Woods. Recently bought the new Terminater game based on the new movie, my cousin and I beat the game in one sitting…thank God it was a rental. Sony doesn’t have as big of a library as the Xbox360 but the quality of games on the PS3 blow the competition away.

    11th – Nintendo Wii – I bought this mostly for my kids. Mario Kart, Zelda shooting game, Wii Sports, some Disney Princess crap, Hanah Montana…all kids stuff. I did buy a Wii Fit for the wife and it’s been sitting on a shelf after about 5 days of use.

    Ok..I think I’ve bored you guys long enough…carry on!

  2. Carlos,
    Maybe it was because I was in my gaming prime, but I remember playing all of the NES games you mentioned and more.

    I think I wound up playing more “John Elway’s Quarterback” than Techmo Bowl.

  3. Cool video!

    My 1st system I ever played was the Atari 2600 and Space Invaders- never owned it (we were poor folk) but played it at my Uncles ALL the time!

    1st system we had in the house was the Intellivision from my step-father – I just loved those square graphics šŸ™‚ Played hockey for ever!!!

    Then I moved on to computers – vic-20, C64, then started building my own.

    I played all the systems in between – NES, N64, etc, but never owned any (I kicked ass at Duck Hunt for the NES with the light gun though!!) until I won 2 PS2 systems.

    GOD OF WAR – no more needs to be said!!

    We then bought a Wii. Its fun with a group of people, but by yourself it just doesnt do it for me – except the Lego games šŸ™‚

    I also own Legend of Zelda Twilight Princess, but have never played it. I bought it for a different reason šŸ˜‰ Mario Kart is fun with people over, and i think I played once online. It sucks having to have the id# to play people you know!

    Last system I have purchased was the PS3. I complained when it came out about the price just like everyone, but I waited a bit and got the 160gb version with Drakes Fortune in it with a coupon at Dell and absolutely LOVE IT! Playstation Home is a joke filled with morons who think they will get a piece of ass through a computer, or who think they are badass because they can spell lolz. best game so far for the PS3 is Drakes Fortune that I have played. Just picked up Fallout 3 collectors edition for $25 at sams club though, so I am hoping that is good also.

    One of these days I will have a XBOX360, but am in no hurry since God of War III will be PS3 only šŸ™‚

    I also play/played TONS of computer games with my favorites being RTS games like Starcraft! I might have to break that out soon and play it again šŸ™‚


    Oh, I cant play many 1st person shooters because they make me sick, literally. BAD motion sickness! I do play COD5 on the PS3 and it seems to work better the further away I sit (weird).

    PS3 – KnightRid
    Wii – no clue – lol havent played it in months

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