Shooting USPSA at Lower Providence Rod & Gun Club (11/05/2011)

USPSA Shooting - Lower Providence - Nov 5 2011 - 1Yesterday I had the pleasure of shooting my third USPSA match. The match was held at Lower Providence Rod & Gun Club in Montgomery County, PA.

This was the second time I shot at this club and both experiences were great. The match director does a great job of mixing short and medium distance shots with angles, which makes for challenging stages.

After shooting each stage I walked away feeling great. My shooting felt like it was on, for the most part, and I was sure I did great. Since watching my video, I have downgraded my performance to “pretty good“.

Using my Contour HD Body Mounted Camera, I was able to see where simple mistakes were made. I have a very bad habit of dumping a magazine, inserting a new one, and racking the slide (when it isn’t required). This bad habit brought me to slide-lock, on more than one occasion, before I was ready to be out of ammo.

At any rate, I think I did very well for my experience level and can’t wait to do some more shooting. With the cold Pennsylvania Winter looming, matches are going to become few and far between. On the bright side, this should make November a busy month, the negative impact is that shooting multiple matches in a month tends to get rather expensive.

The video from my match can be found below. I left the clips long so that you could listen to the shots being scored. When the match results are posted I’ll put together another post breaking down the stage and how I performed in the grand scheme of things.


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