Shooting USPSA at Topton Fish & Game (11/20/2011)

Topton USPSA - Nov 20 2011 - 1

Today I shot was will most likely be my last regular USPSA match of the season. Last month I spoke with the match director at Topton and found out that they would be running a pistol match this month. Because Topton was the club where I shot my very first USPSA match, I wanted to shoot there one more time before the end of the season (On a side note, it looks like Topton shoots year round but they don’t do a pistol match every month).

I arrived at the club around 10:10am and was confused as to why there wasn’t a group of people standing around at the registration shed. A few seconds later I heard gunfire and learned that everyone had been squadded and the match was underway (despite the website showing registration closing at 10:30).

I started walking around, looking for the match director to see how late I was. As it turned out, the match got started about ten minutes before I got there. I jogged back to the registration shed, filled out a score sheet, and jogged back to slip myself into a squad. I had enough time to load my magazines before it was my turn to shoot.

To my surprise, the match was actually a classifier match. There were about six stages in all, at least three of those stages were classifiers. While I didn’t need any more classifiers after last weeks shoot at York IWLA, it didn’t hurt to have a few more.

I think I shot okay but I wish the match would have lasted longer. With a match cost of $25.00 (website said $20.00) I didn’t feel like I got as much out of the match as I did with York, which charged the same for their classifier match.

Shooting USPSA at Topton Fish & Game – Nov 20, 2011


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