Shooting USPSA at Topton Fish & Game (11/20/2011)

Topton USPSA - Nov 20 2011 - 1

Today I shot was will most likely be my last regular USPSA match of the season. Last month I spoke with the match director at Topton and found out that they would be running a pistol match this month. Because Topton was the club where I shot my very first USPSA match, I wanted to shoot there one more time before the end of the season (On a side note, it looks like Topton shoots year round but they don’t do a pistol match every month).

I arrived at the club around 10:10am and was confused as to why there wasn’t a group of people standing around at the registration shed. A few seconds later I heard gunfire and learned that everyone had been squadded and the match was underway (despite the website showing registration closing at 10:30).

I started walking around, looking for the match director to see how late I was. As it turned out, the match got started about ten minutes before I got there. I jogged back to the registration shed, filled out a score sheet, and jogged back to slip myself into a squad. I had enough time to load my magazines before it was my turn to shoot.

To my surprise, the match was actually a classifier match. There were about six stages in all, at least three of those stages were classifiers. While I didn’t need any more classifiers after last weeks shoot at York IWLA, it didn’t hurt to have a few more.

I think I shot okay but I wish the match would have lasted longer. With a match cost of $25.00 (website said $20.00) I didn’t feel like I got as much out of the match as I did with York, which charged the same for their classifier match.

Shooting USPSA at Topton Fish & Game – Nov 20, 2011


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9 thoughts on “Shooting USPSA at Topton Fish & Game (11/20/2011)

  1. Hi Walt, those plates are cool, good shooting, you are getting better. Thanks for the video’s.

  2. I was wondering where the 50 yard steel was and then sure enough the last stage:) It looks like you were in dean’s squad , you got to shoot in their super squad:) Good match man but you now see why you might want one ot two more mags , if you had the ammo I’m sure you would have finished that stage , but it looks like you had a great match anyway:) I love your videos because it makes me feel like I’m there even though most of the time I was there:) Should’ve come to the match with you and you could have seen me go through sixtey rounds without clearing the last stage:)

    1. Scott,
      I was kind of agitated with that stage. I knew that eventually only having 4 magazines was going to bite me in the ass. I was even going to run down to the Handgunner on Saturday to pick up a spare but got busy around the house.

      Looking at the scores, I had 160 penalty points on that stage and it tanked my overall score. I placed 8th out of 10 shooters in Production.

      I was hoping to watch Dean shoot each stage then try to mimic how he worked. As it turns out, he was shooting limited so I had to work differently with a 10 round magazine limit.

      One of the things I like most about Topton is that they make you shoot distance. I love attacking steel from 40-50 yards and would have loved shooting that sea of steel if I just had one or two more magazines…..LOL

      I’m glad you enjoy the videos. Maybe in the future I’ll add some video from another perspective (I always have a second, hand-held, camera in my range bag)

      1. Hey I’ll run the camera when you shoot next season. I can’t belive you popped it up so quick. Mabye in the dead of winter I can convince you to go to yeadon for an indoor IDPA match because if I can’t shut down that jim guy you sure as hell can:) It also looks like your reloads are getting much faster.

        1. Scott,
          I’ll keep that in mind next season. Maybe I can combine the two videos like I have done in the past and do some picture in picture stuff.

          Speaking of indoor IDPA, do we have any indoor practical shooting in the general area? I’ve never been to Stoney Creek, so I have no idea what they have going on with their range. I’ve been to and purchased guns from French Creek but have never been in their range.

          Regarding my reloads, I’m going to take Logan’s advice from York and try to use the slide release instead of racking the slide during a slide-lock reload. I just need to break the habit of reaching for the slide and start using my thumb.

          1. Not around here , Double action in yeadon seems to be the only indoor range that does any type of action shooting anywhere near us. Stoney creek range is members only on a fairly strict basis. The problem with most indoor ranges is they just shoot one way down range and they are not setup for the angle shooting. Hence the reason i was talking to you about building an indoor range that could support these types of sports.

  3. And I could be wrong about six classifers it might be 8 for the first time just taking the best six. I’m creeping up to a C and you can out shoot me by alot so you should have no problem with getting a C. Was the six poppers the classifer?

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