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Several weeks back I had the pleasure of getting an early look at an upcoming EDC, Range, and Preparedness Gear online store. That store was an extension of When The Balloon Goes UpOpens in a new tab., owned and operated by Ron LarimerOpens in a new tab..

I haven’t known Ron terribly long but he has proved himself to be one of the industry good guys. When I was in the market for Warren Tactical Sights for my Glock 19, Ron went out of his way to save me a couple of bucks on my order.

Now that When The Balloon Goes Up has an Online StoreOpens in a new tab., it will be the first place I look for EDC, Range, and Preparedness Gear (I’ve got my eye on a couple of things – An Apex Carry Trigger for my M&P is very tempting).

The word went out via The Shooting WireOpens in a new tab. and various Gun Blogs that Ron’s When The Balloon Goes Up Store has gone live. I’m a little late to the party in spreading the word, but if you haven’t heard, go on over and check it outOpens in a new tab..


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