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A couple of months back, I posted a writeup on the service. Since that time, I have gradually moved away from that service and found another that was more to my liking. That service is Slacker RadioOpens in a new tab. and it was first introduced to me by Guy via TwitterOpens in a new tab..

The most important feature about a music service, to me, is that it not be too repetitive. For this reason, I can’t stand listening to traditional radio for an extended period of time. I also want a service that isn’t littered with commercials, another reason I don’t bother with traditional radio.

These two requirements are what have me turned on to Slacker, although the commercials can become rather annoying at times. Unlike which seems to plays music by popularity and tags, Slacker separates their music into categories. These categories give you the feel of traditional radio and allow you to tune into the classic rock or metal station. You can go even further and listen to rock hits from the 1990’s and so on and so forth.

While Slacker is not perfect, it does seem to have a vast library of music at your disposal. When listening to one station for an extended amount of time (like my nine hour work day), you may hear the same song two or three times. While this doesn’t beat an 16GB iPod on shuffle, it is enough variety to keep me interested.

The one annoyance with this service has been the frequency of commercials. I’m unsure what the song count is before the commercials begin, but when the same commercial is played two times in a row, it drives me crazy. I could pay a few dollars a month to rid myself of these commercials, but I don’t know that Slacker is feature rich enough to command a higher price than and Pandora.

I don’t plan on moving away from Slacker anytime soon, unless I start hearing the same commercials three times in a row, in which case I’m out of here! One of these days I think I’ll give the premium service a try. Giving it some more thought, using the iPhone app commercial free, in addition to a commercial free work day, might very well make the service worth it to me.


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