Slimming Down Dad Jerry: An Update


First, thank you for checking out my Introduction postOpens in a new tab.. It was nice to have that be well received. I wanted to give a quick update. I recently had one of my three month checkups and I couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. I was bringing my doctor up to speed on my progress and how I’ve lost 25 pounds over the course of the past year. She said 25 pounds was awesome but I was actually selling myself short as I was actually down 35 pounds. Apparently a year ago I weighed in at 232 pounds. At this three month visit, 197 pounds. My blood pressure was 98/63 which is remarkably well considering I walked the three quarters of a mile to her office and made it just in time. While I’m still waiting for the results of the blood work (come on lower A1C). I can report that with my blood pressure being consistently out of the pre-hypertension range, my one daily pill of Losartan has now been cut back to half a pill a day. If all goes well between now and my next three month visit in November, I can kiss Losartan goodbye and extend these visits to every six months.

If you listened to the podcast episode with meOpens in a new tab. as Walt’s guest, I have two additional updates for you. The food scale has been working out great. I’ve totally be over estimating my portions. Two ounces of dry pasta does not equal a heaping one cup cooked no matter what you may find on Google. Your eyes are constantly lying to you…the scale has been a great addition. Also, in the podcast I told Walt how I wasn’t sure what was holding me back from getting a personal trainer. With another 35-40 pounds still to go, I’m going to need a more precise game plan to get there. Luck would have it that a Living Social deal for my local Anytime Fitness showed up a few days later. $49 for a month’s gym membership and three 30 minute sessions with a personal trainer. I felt comfortable pulling the trigger on the deal mainly because my wife used Anytime Fitness complete with personal trainers a few years ago when she started on her quest to lose the last of her pregnancy weight.

The journey continues…diet, medicine balls and #wycwycOpens in a new tab. posts to come.

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