Snow Day

Berks County Snowfall - Reading, PA - March

On Sunday afternoon I was checking the weather when I saw that the Reading area of PA was forecast to receive between four and six inches of snow. I was looking forward to the snow because it was going to mean that I’d be working from home, which entails a bath robe, coffee, and a cigar.

Later that evening I checked once again and saw that the forecast was downgraded to two to four inches of snow. With this level of snow I expected to have to head into the work the following morning. I set my alarm for 4:30 AM and went to sleep a little earlier than usual.

The plan was to get up a little earlier than usual to give me time to shovel my steps, walkway, and clear off the two family vehicles before driving off to work.

Monday morning came far too early and I dragged myself out of bed. Taking a peak out the window, I was surprised to see no snow at all. I got ready for work and later made my way out my front door. As soon as I stepped onto the porch I could hear the sleet bouncing off of the ground.

With the sleet coming down lightly, I didn’t give it much thought and made my way to work. After an uneventful first couple of hours, I walked out into the showroom to get some information from one of our salesman. The showroom area was a ghost town. There were two office employees in, one of which was me.

At that moment I got the feeling that I missed something along the way. The salesmen don’t have the option to work from home, as a result they are typically in the office regardless of bad weather. A few hours later the snow began to fall.

After about an hour of steady snowfall, the salt treated streets began to see some accumulation. It was at this time I realized the error in my ways. The next time I see a forecast calling for six inches of snow, I’m calling the voice mail system at work, the night before, to inform them I plan to work from home the following day.

Did you get a snow day on Monday
or did you make the commute to work?


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7 thoughts on “Snow Day

  1. No snow day here, we only got about 6 inches. They would rather not cancel anything unless absolutely necessary. I did post a picture of my hottub that I got to take a break in and smoke a Cuesta-Ray in. Watched stogie review and used a box on half of the lid as a shelter for the ipod and speakers.

  2. Walt,

    Why is it that the weather men or women can’t get it right? You figure with all the technology they have today, it would be a breeze. It seems that over 80% of there predictions are just plain wrong.

    Look on the bright side though, at least you have a job that you can stay home and work from. I on the other hand have no such luck!

  3. I didn’t have to go anywhere either and I’m quite glad. My worst traffic for that day was the furrkid demanding attention.


  4. No snow here moday, but living in buffalo we see our fair share from time to time. The worst snow(driving wise) is usually the first snow of the season because everyone forgets how to drive in it. My job usually takes me to some of the worst hit snow areas in Western New York and fortunately I have never gotten stuck anywhere, however I have had some close calls with vehicles spinning out in front of me on the highway…

  5. I never get snow days either… I live on the West coast of MI (2 miles from the lake) and have to drive 35 miles East to work everyday. My worst commute was 2x normal at 1.5 hours! It was snowing 4 inches an hour!!!

  6. yeah, I had a snow day. I am a teacher at a college and although a rarity for us, we got a snow day. With 14″, I guess they really didn’t have the choice.

    If we didn’t get a day…I think my crazy rear would’ve gone in to work regardless.


  7. We got a foot of snow down here. I tried going to work in my parents 4WD Tahoe, and got stuck halfway out of the driveway. Pulled back in after some serious effort, and called it a day.

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