Soul of the Fire – Sword of Truth Series

Terry Goodkind - Soul of the Fire

During the last video regarding the Sword of Truth Series of books, I mentioned that Temple of the Winds was an excellent read and that I was eagerly looking forward to continuing the story with Soul of the Fire.

I have since finished reading the book and went on to record another video the very night I finished reading. With such an “in the moment” kind of video, I went on to say that I was very disappointed with the ending.

A few days later, the ending was allowed time to settle on my mind and be viewed a little differently. While I still feel that the ending was disappointing, I now understand it a little better. The main reason for this understanding is most likely due to the fact that I have started reading the next book in line.

Soul of fire, just like the others, picks up immediately after the previous book ends. At this point the story has gone on for about a year and covered a vast number of situations for each substantial character.

The author has had a tendency to break apart the characters during the story so that multiple key events could happen simultaneously. As a result, the story tends to get very interesting as all of these characters hit their stride throughout the book.

Soul of Fire was a slow starter and good a good amount of time to finally hit its stride. This was due to the introduction of new characters in a city which played a pivotal role in the resolution to this books problem. The book tends to drone on a little about the lifestyles of the people and the history of their land. Granted, this is important to know if you want to understand how the hero comes to his problems resolution.

As mentioned already, I wasn’t overly pleased with the ending of the book, however, it made me all the more eager to read the following book. I struggled to understand why the book took the “easy” path that it did and the beginning of the next book does an excellent job of explaining that decision to you.


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5 thoughts on “Soul of the Fire – Sword of Truth Series

  1. Its killing you not being able to say some of the stuff that happens isnt I am actively hunting down the hardcover books for my reading pleasure, but it is hard to find them without paying a small fortune! I might have to end up with the paperbacks šŸ™

    How about this – do a spoilers video for everything that happened so far, so people can watch if they are not gonna read the books can see what happens, plus for people like myself who wants to get these books, we can just skip the video till after we read them šŸ™‚

    Plus it would let you get all that pent up book info out there and you will not explode – lol

    Remember – I am just 1 person, so you dont have to keep the spoilers out just because of myself!


    escaparate collection – grrrr

  2. Mike,
    Have you tried Amazon for the hardcovers? I ordered the last two books in the series and accidentally ordered a hardcover of “Confessor”. I think it cost about $13.00.

    I haven;t looked at the prices for the other books in hardcover though. I would love to have the set that way but the cost would have been a little high buying 11 books in that manner. Buying paperback in box sets saved me alot of money. Each set of three books cost something like $16

    I’m thinking I may do a full blow review of the books with spoilers (something like a book report) in the future but will make sure to mark it as a Spoiler.


  3. Hi Walt. Just wanted to say that doing full blown book reviews on your site would really be a great idea.

  4. I’m reading these books as well. I’m close to the end–right now about halfway through Chainfire. I think the books get a little long-winded with the preaching and politics toward the second half of the series (Pillars, Naked Empire and Faith of the Fallen have some snoozer speeches in them). I agree with what you said on another review about the constant reminders of what’s happened in the past books. I think this is something editors push writers to do so that a reader won’t be completely lost. Maybe an author feels guilty about having a confused reader and overcompensates. All-in-all, with all the fantasy novels I’ve read, I wasn’t super impressed with Goodkind’s books, but they’re not bad at all.

  5. yea I was looking on Amazon, but like you said, it is a bit expensive to get all the books in hardcover šŸ˜‰ I keep hoping i will find a nice auction on ebay or be able to pick them up at a bargain book store locally! If I find them, I will let ya know!!


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