Southern Chester USPSA: April 2014

Last weekend I had the pleasure of shooting the April 2014 Southern Chester USPSA Match. My attendance came as a bit of a surprise as I didn’t think I’d have a babysitter. Fortunately, it all worked out and not only was I able to attend, I was able to setup a stage of my own design.

The weather was perfect and my day was filled with six stages that were fun and challenging. Aside from a few instances where my squad was waiting on the squad ahead of us, things went very smoothly and there were no major issues with the flow of the match.

Like last month, I sported my new Pivothead Recording Eyewear. I placed some tape over the upper portion of the lenses, in an effort to force my head into an upright position. I was a bit too aggressive with the tape and fought my head position all day long. At times it felt like my head was flopping around and I struggled to see my sights. I’ve since adjusted the tape and hope the next match will be a little more comfortable.


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