Spring is Here and it is Glorious!

All winter I’ve been saying that Spring Can’t Get Here Soon Enough. Well, it is here and it is glorious! I spent the entire weekend outside, mostly working in my yard, and was completely content.

Square Foot Gardening - Raised Bed Planters - Lattice

Garden Update

A couple of weeks ago I got an iMessage from Jerry CruzOpens in a new tab. asking what my plans were for gardening this year. Ever since that initial message, we have been sharing a lot of ideas a photos. The conversations have kept my interest high and I’ve been motivated to get my garden prepped and ready for the growing season.

On Saturday, my Daughter and I spent about six hours in the yard, cleaning up various things. It started in the garden as we got old dead plants pulled out and fallen pine needles and sticks cleared out. We moved from the garden to the front yard where we were able to get winter damage cleaned up.

After cleaning up, I laid out a couple of steaks and strung a line to take measurements. I’d like to put in a second section of raised bed planters (just for fruit) that would be roughly two feet wide and thirty-two feet long. When I pitched the idea to my wife, later that afternoon, she had an annoyed look on her face and reminded me how much work I had to do inside the house yet. Maybe next year…

On Sunday I headed out to Lowes to pick up a bunch of compost to add to my planters. When my wife got home from class, I headed back over to Lowes in her Mommy-Mobile to pick up a little more compost and supplies to put lattice up along the back side of my planters. It isn’t the nicest thing I have ever built, but it will get the job done.


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