Stone of Tears – Sword of Truth Series

Terry Goodkind - Stone of Tears

A couple of posts back I made mention that I was reading the Sword of Truth Series. After reading the first book, I did a write-up and video about it, Wizards First Rule. Since reading that book I have been hooked on the series and have been doing alot of reading. Not too long ago I finished up the second book in the series, Stone of Tears.

Having enjoyed the first book so much, I knew that this book was going to have to be really good to outshine the first. To my surprise, it was even better! More often than not I would have to tear myself away from the book just to get things done around the house. As soon as my errands and tasks were complete, I was right back to the book.

The nice thing about this book was that it picked up a couple hours after the first ended. The storyline flowed from one book to the next in a seamless manner which made diving into it very easy. The story was already set and the slow process of building on it was already taken care of in Wizards First Rule.

This one was a bit larger than the first, coming in at roughly one-thousand pages compared to the roughly eight-hundred of the first. The story was very long and kept my attention as I progressed through. My one, and only, complaint was that the ending seemed to come too quickly. When there was about ninety pages left, I realized that the ending hadn’t been firmed up yet and seemed to come on in a rush.

With the second book down (as well as the third as I write this), I am eager to dig deeper into the series. I’ve really enjoyed reading the books thus far and hope the next ones can live up to the enjoyment I got out of the early ones.


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One thought on “Stone of Tears – Sword of Truth Series

  1. I am thinking i will wait till after the series ends to read the books….With a characters life in the balance, I would hate for that to show up in the tv show and I would already know the outcome šŸ˜‰

    I gotta hit some used book stores and the discount book stores to see if I can get these in hardback at a cheap price! I could always find the Star Trek books for under $6 a piece in hardback, so I hope these will be the same!

    Cant wait to hear your thoughts on the rest!


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