Stone Temple Pilots – Thank You (Greatest Hits)

Stone Temple Pilots - Thank YouThe other day I had plans to do some work in my basement. The job was going to take a fair amount of time so I grabbed an old pair of computer speakers and plugged them into my iTouch. From there I loaded up my Slacker Radio player and started listening to the Rock station.

After a few hours of listening to an awesome variety of music, a version of a familiar song came on that I hadn’t heard before. The song was Plush by Stone Temple Pilots, the variation was that it was an acoustic version. Having a bit of a thing for acoustic songs, I made a mental note to look up the song when I was finished my project.

Later, while searching on Amazon, I found that the song I was looking for was on a greatest hits album entitled “Thank You”. Looking over the track list, I saw several songs that I used to listen to in years past. Rather than downloading the single song from iTunes, I went with the entire album.

While there isn’t anything on this album that I don’t already have buried somewhere in my CD collection, I thought it was a great compilation of songs to have for the occasional listen. Over the past few days I have played the album while working on random things and have really enjoyed having picked it up.

Do you have a favorite song by
the Stone Temple Pilots?


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