Stuck in the 80’s Movie Realm

Big Trouble in Little ChinaSo the other day, my wife and I were hanging out in the living room watching television. I don’t think anything decent was on so I was randomly flipping through channels to see if I could find something interesting. Wouldn’t you know it, before long I found an older movie that I enjoy watching anytime it is on television. The movie was Overboard with Kurt Russel and Goldie Hawn. As soon as the opening music began playing, my wife rolled her eyes and sighed.

She made mention that I needed to get myself out of the 80’s and start watching things that were more recent. After a short, but playful, argument about how I found these older films more enjoyable, I made a comment along the lines of “If you hate this movie you better hope that I don’t come across Big Trouble in Little China“. After a confused look and a shake of the head, she quietly watched the movie with me. At some point during the movie I jokingly asked if any film more than 15 years old should be retired. With a smile on her face, she answered “YES, except for Dirty Dancing”.

After a long day of scraping wallpaper paste from an office wall, I came home and needed to relax a bit. I got myself something to eat as well as a cold drink and flipped on the television. After a little channel surfing I came across Big Trouble in Little China. Unfortunately my wife wasn’t home from work yet to enjoy it with me.

If you aren’t familiar with the movie, it came out in 1986 and stars Kurt Russel. It was considered a failure because it only managed to earn half of its budget at the box office. It seems that it just couldn’t compete with feature films starring Schwarzenegger and Stallone. As the popularity of the VCR grew, the film developed a cult following.

Just like the last time I saw the film, I laughed and had a good time. It is movies like this that can make an otherwise boring television session, something that is enjoyable.

What is your favorite
movie from the 1980’s?


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3 thoughts on “Stuck in the 80’s Movie Realm

  1. Jeez, my list could go on forever. Off the top of my head, I’d have to go with Back to the Future and Goonies.

  2. without question my favorite movie then and now will always be Bull Durham. greatest baseball movie ever made.

  3. So many! But to name just a few: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Back to the Future, My Bodyguard.

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