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Symmetric Strength

A couple of days ago I was skimming through my news feed on My Fitness Pal when a status update caught my eye. It was from a new friend that has a focus on strength training. The update contained a link to a site called Symmetric StrengthOpens in a new tab.. Based on the status update, I gathered that the website analyzes your lift numbers and generates a score. I thought it seemed interesting so I clicked through to check it out for myself.

In just a few seconds I entered the basic data then hopped over to JeFit to grab my latest training numbers for the corresponding lifts. Even though I’m still very early in the Starting Strength process, I thought it would be fun to see how I was performing against an average.

On Monday Symmetric Strength listed me as Untrained with a score of 42.2. Considering that I am untrained, I thought the information provided seemed accurate. With the exception of Overhead Press, all of my lifts fell into the untrained category and were below average for my weight. On the other hand, my Overhead Press was listed as Novice with +14% over average.

I’m still new to Starting Strength so I’m not discouraged by the numbers. More than anything, I find it interesting how the system determines strength based on a number of reps and weight. Out of curiosity, I went back in this morning and entered data from yesterday’s gym session.

In two days I jumped from a score of 42.4 to a score of 44. It still lists me as untrained but the linear progression of Starting Strength adds up quickly. In a week or two, if I were to run the numbers again, I think it might just have me listed as Novice (Score of 50+).

Symmetric Strength - Walt

Head over to Symmetric Strength and input your numbers. Let me know what kind of figures you get and if you think it is an accurate portrayal of strength.


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