Syrus and his Flirt Pole

Syrus - 5

Last week I made an entry on how I made a Flirt Pole for Syrus. Whenever the weather is nice, and my lawn isn’t muddy from rain, I take Syrus out for a good 15 minute session with his Flirt Pole. Surprisingly enough, this short session is generally jam-packed with lots of sprinting and diving. This short session tires him out and leaves him panting and ready for a big drink of water.

After a drink and a short break, Syrus is ready to go for another round. Sometime I’ll give it another go and sometimes I’ll skip a second session. I do this so that we always end the session on my terms and without him getting bored. Structuring play in this way seems to keep him much more responsive and obedient when I give him the occasional command to sit or come to me.

Syrus and his Flirt Pole

Does your pooch have a
toy that they go crazy for?


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