Syrus and the Kong Wubba

Kong WubbaAbout three weeks ago my wife and I adopted Syrus. Like any new excited pet owner, we went out and made sure that he had a couple of toys to keep him occupied. The very first toy he was given was a Kong Classic. This toy is a hard rubber chew toy that is supposed to alleviate stress and keep a dogs mind active. It has a hole in the center to stuff treats, which does wonders for keeping a pooch occupied for a while.

Being so impressed with the durability of the Kong Classic, I picked up a Kong Air Dog for Syrus to pounce on outside in the yard. With the very first toss of this tennis ball material covered stick, Syrus went tearing off after it. Within a few minutes, the once squeaking toy, no longer squeaked. Within three days of moderate use, Syrus had the outer skin ripped off of it on one end.

Hoping that this was just a fluke, I picked up another Air Dog. This one squeaked for a couple of days, then went silent. Just like the first, Syrus had the skin torn off in spots within just a few days. With $20.00 invested in two destroyed toys, I did some research on the more rugged toys. The single toy that kept popping up, after the Kong Classic, was a toy called a “Wubba” by Kong dog toys.

Air Dog Squeaker by Kong Dog Toys

This toy is made up of three parts. There is a small ball on the top with a larger squeaking ball below it. Below the balls are a series of straps. The idea is that the pooch can chew on the balls as well as pin it down and tug on the straps.

Having to make a Petsmart run for food, I made a point to pick up a Wubba. I brought it home and handed it to Syrus. At first he had no idea to do with it and carried it into his crate and gently placed it on his bed. I pulled it from the crate and tossed it for him. Syrus ran off to retrieve it, then carefully placed it into his crate once again.

I gave it a little time then sat down with it on the floor. Syrus gently began mouthing it before getting the idea that he could rough it up like his other toys. Before you know it, he was pouncing all over it and generally abusing it. He put a few holes in the straps but otherwise this toy is in great shape compared to his others.

Below is a quick video of Syrus playing with his new toy. Lets hope that this one outlasts his previos toys.

How long does a toy generally last
with your pet before being destroyed?


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3 thoughts on “Syrus and the Kong Wubba

  1. I have two labs and any toy that is made of soft material like that Kong Wubba will be gone within a day. My dogs will chew threw just about anything. I’ve bought them Nylabones which is for the dogs to chew on and it helps clean their teach. My dogs begain nipping away at this thing until shards of plastic were breaking off. Tennis balls and baseballs have been destroyed plenty of times. In the summer time, I use one of those Kong Classic toys. I’ll plug one end up with peanut butter and fill it with water then freeze it. Helps cool the dogs down during the hot summer months. That’s the one toy that they haven’t been able to destroy yet the one toy they have the least interest in. It seems like if they can’t destroy it, they won’t pay any attention to it. Wow, kinda sounds like my kids. LOL

  2. Carlos,
    This toy was one of two designs that were on display at Petsmart. There was a green one that was made of Fleece material (which Syrus would have devour in a matter of minutes) and this Camo model. It seems to be made out of nylon with reinforced stitching.

    So far I am pretty happy with it. It is showing some signs of wear but it already outlasted his previous toys since it still squeaks.

    Thanks for the comment. I’ll have to give freezing his Kong Classic a try in the summer, he loves ice cubes so I’m sure he would enjoy a frozen toy.

  3. If you want a ball that will last quite a bit of time try a Lacrosse Ball. It’s made of solid rubber so a little harder for the dog to destroy. Eventually they will destroy it but it won’t be for a little while.

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