Syrus’ First Day Home

Syrus First Day Home

On Saturday I posted that my wife and I had plans on going to a kennel and visiting out potential new family member. After an hour in the car, we arrived a little earlier than expected. We went inside and hung out looking at photos and reading pamphlets until the Kennel Coordinator arrived.

After meeting the Kennel Coordinator, we headed out to a separate building. It seemed that the animals in this building were those that were being introduced to potential owners. We were taken through the building and into the back yard. At this point Syrus was set loose and he tore out after us. Full up puppy energy he leaped into the air and hit me in the chest, falling to the ground in a licking and tail wagging frenzy.

Once the puppy was finished greeting me, it was my wifes turn. She got the same treatment without the leap featuring twenty-five feet of added momentum. Once the greeting was finished he ran off for a lap around the yard before coming back.

At this point we got to talking with the Kennel Coordinator about the puppy. It seems that this animal is fearless and extremely friendly. He has a tendency to mouth your hands, but he is gentle when he does it (that has since changed). We were told that he is approximately six to eight months old and is expected to only get about an inch taller. It is believed that he is German Shepherd Dog with a variety of other mixes.

I wanted a dog that was at least twice his size, but my wife and I took a liking to him. We decided that he was the dog for us. All the necessary forms were signed, a donation was made, and we were on our way home.

We spent the remainder of the day going for a walk and playing in our yard. We learned alot about him and definitely see where we are going to have to work with him to improve some things. In his first day home, he learned how to sit and how to patiently wait for me to throw his toy (now if I could only teach him to let it go).

Below is a four minute video showing
Syrus doing the things that dogs do.


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