Syrus gets a new Veterinarian

Syrus - 10

The day before Reading was hit with more than eighteen-inches of snow, Syrus was acting a little strange. He seemed to be favoring one of his hind legs, at the time I simply thought he must have slept on it improperly and it fell asleep.

After his morning outing, he came into the house walking on three-legs. The hind leg he was favoring was now tucked up under him and he was not using it to walk. I was not fond of the idea of taking Syrus to the Vet, the reason being I was not happy with the level of care he received at this particular office. While in work, my wife spoke with a friend of hers and got a recommendation for another animal hospital.

Later that evening my wife called the Veterinarian and made an appointment for them to see Syrus and take a look at his leg. My wife and I were under the impression Syrus must have pulled a muscle and the technician on the phone agreed with this assessment.

The following evening we were scheduled to take Syrus over to the Vet’s office but had to reschedule due to a tremendous amount of snow and made plans to visit the office the following Monday. As the appointment grew nearer, Syrus was getting better. Over the course of a few days he began using his hind leg part of the time, and before long was running around as if nothing was wrong.

When Monday rolled around, Syrus was running and playing as normal but wouldn’t sit on his hind leg. He would sort of drop down onto his butt then lean heavily in on direction, almost as if he was lounging rather than sitting. This was unlike him, so we took him in to the see the Vet as planned.

After a miserable experience with out previous Veterinarian, I didn’t have high hopes for the visit going all that well. The same stigma that follows Syrus’ breed apparently wasn’t halted at the door of his previous Veterinarian, so my wife and I expected the same sort of smug attitude with this new care-giver.

Amazingly, we were completely wrong. From the moment we walked into the waiting room, the receptionist was kind and praised Syrus the instant she laid eyes on him. Before long a second receptionist was leaning over the counter to pet and praise Syrus. A few minutes later we were making our way back into the exam rooms. The whole way back our technician was playful with Syrus and made not only him, but my wife and I, very comfortable.

When we got into the exam room, the technician was on the floor patting and praising Syrus. After a little play and a quick pre-exam, she had all the information needed to present to the doctor. A few minutes later the Veterinarian entered the room and once again I was surprised by how kind he was. Before the exam, he was down on the floor scratching and patting Syrus to make him comfortable.

Before leaving the office, the technician informed us that Syrus had a bit of a temperature. This information, paired with the problem with Syrus’ leg lead the doctor to suspect he may have Lyme Disease. Before the blood test was to be performed, the Veterinarian checked out our pups leg to ensure that he had full range of motion and wasn’t favoring one leg over the other. It turns out that Syrus’ had a slight problem with his range of motion in his one hind leg and was putting more weight on his good leg.

After the exam, the doctor left us and called on the technician to draw some blood and test for Lyme Disease. Despite Syrus’ playful nature, he remained still enough to allow the technicians to draw the required amount of blood. While taking her sample, the technician made mention that Syrus couldn’t have scored any higher for his ability to give blood. Our pooch didn’t even seem to notice that there was a needle in his leg.

After the blood was drawn, the technicians left us to wait while they tested the sample for Lyme. Syrus seemed bummed out that his new friends left him and he was moping around the exam room and whining quietly. After about ten minutes we were joined once again by the doctor.

We were informed that Syrus’ tested positive for Lyme Disease and that it was definitely the cause for his limp. It would seem that one of the symptoms of Lyme is a lame leg in addition to running a fever. The doctor gave us an antibiotic for treat the Lyme, pain medication to make Syrus more comfortable and reduce his fever, and a specimen cup for me to somehow collect a urine sample to be tested for full kidney function.

After paying for treatment, my wife and I headed home. With Syrus sleeping in the back seat, we got to talking about our visit. We agreed that this Animal Hospital was the one for us and our previous care-giver was no longer going to see Syrus. Everyone from the receptionist, to the technicians, to the veterinarian, was kind and made sure that Syrus was comfortable and happy.

We have a follow up appointment scheduled to check the progress of the antibiotics and see how Syrus is doing. After our first visit I no longer have doubts about it being a miserable experience and look forward to checking on Syrus’ progress.

If you ever find yourself in the Reading Area and need to have you animal checked out, I would highly recommend giving Willow Creek Animal HospitalOpens in a new tab. a try. We were thrilled with the level of service provided to us and our pooch.


Hi There, My name is Walt White and as the name of this blog suggests, I am a Pennsylvania resident. In addition to having numerous hobbies that I discuss on my blog - Iā€™m also the father of three little girls and a pitbull.

8 thoughts on “Syrus gets a new Veterinarian

  1. Good to hear you guys took Syrus to the vet sooner rather than later! Hopefully the little guy gets back to normal soon.

    A good vet is tremendously important. My older dog Haylee was recently diagnosed with bladder cancer (which is inoperable). With this terrible news came a level of comfort and compassion from the entire staff at the vet’s office. They helped us cope with the news and were extremely patient while my girlfriend and myself went through a battery of questions regarding the cancer, treatments to comfort our dog, etc. They get an A+ in my book!

    1. Sorry to hear about your dog. It’s nice to know there are Vet’s out there willing to help people through tough times like that.

      As far as being back to normal, I don’t think he ever lost any of his energy, he was just kind of hyper on 3 legs instead of 4. A couple of days on Antibiotics now and the leg doesn’t seem to be any issue with him. Not sitting on it fully yet but he is getting far more use out of it now.

  2. Glad you took him in and didnt just think it was a muscle pull and made it worse!! I know a lot of people that would rather wait it out than take an animal in. I hope he recovers quickly and I imagine they will recommend that tick stuff you squirt in him at his tail. Maybe not, but I imagine they will want you to make sure ticks don’t get at him since they are the #1 cause of Lyme Disease.

    I also love our Vet! They are VERY busy but will take the time to explain things or at least type out something if they are not going to be there when we pick Gizmo up. Let’s give them a shout out too – Leader Heights Animal Hospital šŸ™‚ If you around the York, PA area, I would suggest them in a heart beat.


    1. Mike,
      We use Frontline on Syrus. It comes in a tube that is pre-measured and determined by his weight. The liquid gets squirted between his shoulder blades and soaks into the skin.

      I’ll have to look at the box I have at home to see if Frontline kills both Fleas and Ticks. One of the brands is said to do both and I don’t recall if that is the one we are using or not. The next time we need to re-order the product we will be going with the one that kills ticks as well.

      If you didn’t know Syrus you would never know he was sick. At his worst, when he was not using his hind leg, he still wanted to jump and play. It was hard trying to get him settle down and not pounce around like usual while he had 3 properly functioning legs.

      Willow Creek was great and I can’t say enough about them. The last Vet seemed to have a problem with him being a Pit Mix.

  3. Walt – Sorry to hear about Syrus. The relationship we have with our dogs really adds to our quality of life. They ask for so little and give back so much. I’m glad you have a vet that you are able to trust and that treats you and Syrus with respect. The only question I have is how in the world are you going to get that urine sample :-). Best of luck to all of you.

    1. I have a feeling I’m going to wind up with more “sample” on me than I will have gotten in the cup. It has been suggested that I duct tape the specimen cup onto an old broom handle. I’m linking that idea more and more every time I think about it, lol

  4. Glad to hear your pup got treated. I had Lyme last year myself and right after I started on the meds the symptoms went away. I had terrible joint pain, as well as flu-like symptoms for months before the rash presented itself which told me to insist on a Lyme test. Hopefully the antibiotics kill it. Lyme can be very nasty if left untreated. The antibiotics made cigars taste terrible, hopefully that won’t be an issue for Syrus.

    On a side note, every time I try to comment on your blog in Chrome (win7) I get a Blue Screen…wierd stuff. Opera seems to work fine!


    1. Craig,
      I got in touch with the designer who created this theme and learned that due to Chrome’s Beta Status and low Marketshare, it is not a supported browser.

      I contacted him about another issue that Chrome users were experiencing (Heading Text missing) but will pass the note along. Even though Chrome is unsupported, he may be interested in knowing that it is causing system crashes for some users.

      Thanks for the info

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