The Blind Side

The Blind Side

It has been said in the past, but it is worth saying that my wife and I are not big movie-goers. Every now and again we will go see something new but we tend to go to the earlier shows which aren’t nearly as full. Seeing movies in this manner generally has us in he dark when it comes to new releases, until months later when it is available on Blu-Ray or DVD.

One movie that I have heard great things about, was The Blind Side. When I saw the previews for it, months ago, I knew I was going to have to see it. As time passed seeing the movie slipped from my mind until I began seeing advertisements for the Blu-Ray and DVD release.

During our latest “Pregnancy related days of fun”, or dragged from store to store by a pregnant woman, as I prefer to call it, my wife and I made a point to pick up a copy on Blu-Ray. On our last stop of the day we found ourselves in Target. As luck would have it, they were sold out of the Blu-Ray copy and we had to settle for the standard DVD.

A few hours later my wife and I sat down to watch The Blind Side and make a movie night at home out of it. I must say, the movie was every bit of awesome that I expected. The storyline kept me interested from start to finish and both Sandra Bullock and Quinton Aaron played very convincing roles.

Being that typical mans man, its tough to admit, but there was one point in the movie that had me fighting back a brief misty-eyed scene. The scene was one that has been advertised to death but when coupled with everything going on in the movie, I found it to be rather powerful. While Big Mike and Leigh Anne Tuohy are standing in the Tuohy guest bedroom, Big Mike asks if the room is his. Leigh Anne tells him yes and a brief pause follows. Big Mike says that he has never had one before. Leigh Anne’s response is kind of amused as she guesses that he has never had a room to himself. Another dramatic pause takes place and Big Mike responds that he has never had a bed before.

While the scene doesn’t sound like much, and it wasn’t very dramatic in the movie trailer, it hits hard after you see all that Michael Oher goes through during the earlier stages of the movie. Mixed in with the drama are loads of laughs and clever scenes. The icing on the cake is that I don’t think Sandra Bullock has ever looked better.

If you haven’t seen The Blind Side, I suggest watching it sometime. If you have seen it, head over to the comments section and tell us what you thought of the movie.

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2 thoughts on “The Blind Side

  1. I have to say, I have never watched this and probably won’t. I just can not get into these “feel good” movies any more. Main storyline, poor broken down person rises to face the meaning of true life and makes something of themselves. How about someone falling flat on their face because they have no way of getting out of their situation?

    Maybe I am just becoming a cranky old man but I would rather watch a good sci-fi or horror flick rather than these type.

    I do however still love some of the older ones like Hoosiers! I still rank that movie as one of the best I have ever seen.


    1. Mike,
      I’m into a lot of these feel good movies, especially if they are based on sports (go figure, I’m not a huge sports fan). I especially liked Remember the Titans, and Invincible.

      I’m not much of a horror movie fan (do enjoy books though), so I’ll pass on those. Keep the feel good flicks comin’!


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