The comment bug has been squashed

When Stogie ReviewOpens in a new tab. was setup, everything was taken care of by my good friend JerryOpens in a new tab.. He handled the wordpress installation, revamping the theme, and setting up all the necessary plugins to make the site operate as we planned. At that point in time, when I looked at the coding of the site it was like seeing the matrix. I had no idea what was going on and things have only gotten marginally better over time.

At this point I am able to take a peak at php and css, and make small changes. Unfortunately, I ran into a problem with this theme that some of you have brought to my attention. There was a bug in the theme that was preventing you from reaching the comment box depending on which link was clicked.

I was able to wade through the files on the back-end a see where the problem was, but I had no idea how to fix it. The issue was that the comment link was not including the URL of the article, thus pointing you nowhere. I tried looking for an example on calling up the URL, but I came up empty handed.

Being the twitter junkie that I amOpens in a new tab., I went directly to my list of followers to see if I knew anyone that was handy with code and wouldn’t mind helping. The first person that came to mind was someone who I talk with alot on twitter, @mountchuckOpens in a new tab.. I sent Chuck a message explaining my problem and he was happy to help me resolve the issue.

So thanks to Chuck, regardless of which comment link you click on, it should direct you to the proper portion of the site. One of the things that this snag has taught me is that I really need to learn a little css and php, at least enough to help me diagnose problems and approach a wordpress theme issue like this.

Its is also important to know that when using a free wordpress theme, small problems like this have to be expected. Sometime free items do not get the attention or regular bug fixes that they should. As a blogger it is just something that needs to be addressed when discovered.

Thanks again Chuck, you saved the day!

Can you recommend a book or website to
learn basic coding for wordpress?

While I have your attention, check out Chucks cigar blog: Nice Tight AshOpens in a new tab.


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