The Knife That Rides in My Pocket

Xikar 744 Cigar Cut Knife - 1

I was reading through Google Reader last night, catching up on the latest posts on a handful of gun blogs, when I stumbled onto a knife meme. It was pretty simple, take your knife out of your pocket, snap a photo, and share it on the internet.

As simple as it was, I thought I’d join in. The knife that I have on me fairly regularly is a Xikar 744 Cigar Cut Knife. I know what you’re thinking, Dude, is there anything in your life that doesn’t incorporate cigars in one form or another?

I picked up four of these knives a few years ago. I needed a couple of groomsman’s gifts for when I got married. Being a cigar guy, I wanted to give at least one gift to my groomsmen that had a little personal flare. Since I was the only cigar smoker in the wedding party, a cigar cutter wouldn’t have been very useful. When I saw the Xikar 744, I thought I could kill two birds with one stone. So I picked up a knife for each of my groomsmen and one for myself.

The small size makes this knife easy to carry around. The downside is that it doesn’t work very well on cigars (the purpose of the hole in the handle is to clip cigars) and it doesn’t hold an edge for an extended period of time (even in fairly light use). A few swipes with a diamond sharpening stone and the knife is good as new.

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Xikar 744 Cigar Cut Knife - 2


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4 thoughts on “The Knife That Rides in My Pocket

    1. One of the nicest things about this knife is how small and compact it is. The blade is probably an inch and a half to two inches long. Comes in handy when you have to open up a box or do some other types of light cutting.

      It has been good to me over the years but it is time to upgrade to something a little better.

    1. Weer’d,
      I was so excited about being able to cut cigars when I ordered it. I learned quickly that using it like a guillotine cutter does some serious damage to the head of a cigar. If you closed the blad a little at a time and rotated the cigar, it did a great job.

      I lost that knife a couple of weeks ago. I miss not having one and think I might have to break down and order a replacement.

      Thanks for the comment.

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