The Pleasure of Smoking a Cigar in Bed

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I even smoke in bed. Imagine smoking a cigar in bed, reading a book. Next to your bed, there’s a cigar table with a special cigar ashtray, and your wife is reading a book on how to save the environment.
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Ah, to smoke a cigar in the comfort of your bed. A beautiful and understanding woman lying next to you entertaining herself while you slowly puff on your cigar and savor the moment. This is a scenario I think most cigar smokers would kill for, but given the chance would probably avoid like the plague.

You are probably wondering, if it is such a great scenario then why avoid it? The answer is very simple, in my eyes anyway. You see, many cigar smokers avoid smoking within their own home because cigars tend to be rather odoriferous. The smoke smell clings to things around the house such as your fabric drapes and furniture.

Unless you are changing your bedding daily, I would think the smoke would lock on tight and become a nuisance, irritating you as you attempt to drift off to sleep. It may only be a minor irritant after the first time, but think of how your non-smoking spouse would respond to the pleasant smell of cigars bound to their pillow.

Despite the downside of the lingering aroma on your bedding, smoking in bed is awesome! You see, I’ve never had the pleasure of smoking in bed while at home, but I have had the pleasure in hotel rooms that permitted smoking. In a hotel situation, you get all the benefits without the drawbacks. Each morning after you rise from bed and go about your day, the cleaning staff comes in to change the bedding for you.

The first time I had the pleasure of smoking in bed was a few years ago while attending Cigarfest. I was with a group of people who all were fortunate enough to get smoking rooms. After a long day of hanging out and carrying on, we all made our way back to the hotel. Before turning in for the night, I stretched out on the bed, fired up one last cigar, and watched a little television.

Lying there completely relaxed with a cigar hanging out of my mouth as I watched some old television re-run was so much nicer than I would have thought. When I was finished, I hopped into the shower and got cleaned up before turning in. The following evening I returned to my clean room to do it all over again.

The same scenario took place while attending the annual IPCPR convention in both Las Vegas and New Orleans. The one and only issue I ran into was in Las Vegas when I set off the smoke alarm, which was located right above he bed I was lying in.

If you ever find yourself away on business, without your better half, do yourself a favor and get a smoking room just so that you can experience the awe that is smoking a cigar in the comfort of bed. Even if you are only able to do it once in your life, I doubt you will regret the relaxation that it brings on.


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  1. When I read, “Ah, to smoke a cigar in the comfort of your bed. A beautiful and understanding woman lying next to you entertaining herself” I thought for a minute i stumbled on to the penthouse forum website….

    1. Barry,
      It would seem several people had their minds in the gutter when reading that, you are certainly not the first person to mention it, LOL

      I actually considered editing it out when I was proof reading but left in in because I liked the way it read 🙂

  2. Smoking a cigar from the comfort of your bed sounds awesome. It’s relaxing just thinking about it. Thanks for sharing!

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