Tis the season for allergies

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Over the weekend I began getting a slight tickle in the back of my throat and started getting the slightest bit of congestion in my sinuses. Knowing these symptoms all too well, I knew allergy season was about to rear its ugly head. By Monday the symptoms grew to include some nasty post nasal drip. It was as if a faucet was cranked open and allowed to run free.

The post nasal drip started on Sunday and caused me to have lots of trouble sleeping. As a result, I called out of work on Monday and made an appointment to see my doctor. After seeing my doctor, I was told to take some over the counter Claritin and I would be fine.

Tuesday morning rolled around and I felt even worse. The over the counter Claritin didn’t do a thing to help and I felt miserable. I called the doctors office to try and find out what else may work and I was informed that “Claritin doesn’t work for most people, you should try Claritin D”. With frustration I went back to the pharmacy and picked up another box of medication to try and curb my allergies.

Just as I suspected, the “D” made no difference. With the addition of congestion, cough, runny nose, and a worsened post nasal drip, I suppose I’ll need to make an appointment to see the doctor once again to explain to him that the suggestion on medication he made, doesn’t seem to be helping. If I’m lucky the new symptoms will help him select a new medication to take care of my allergies so that I can get out of bed and get back to enjoying life.

It seems that 1 in 5 people suffer from
seasonal allergies, are you one of them?
What do you take to curb your symptoms?


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