Training for a 5k: Day 3

After the abysmal performance that was Day 2 of my Training Program, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect on Thursday when I set out for yet another run. In the back of my mind, I was worried that I’d start cramping again and I’d be left limping home in a lot of pain. Despite that nagging little voice in the bank of my mind (the one telling me to go back inside and lounge on the couch) – I headed out the door not knowing what to expect.

Things didn’t get off to a fantastic start. My first issue came as a tech problem. For whatever reason, my Airpods wouldn’t connect to my Apple Watch (I realize just how 1st World Problem that sounds as soon as I typed it). After a few failed attempts to make it work, I stuffed the Airpods into my pocket and launched the Workout App to get underway.

It didn’t take long before I was winded and painfully aware of how loudly I was gasping for air. When the cute woman in the running gear rounded the corner ahead of me – I immediately stood up a little taller and tried to play it off as though I wasn’t nearly as tired as I felt. When she passed and was out of sight, I returned to sucking air – even harder now.

My goal on this particular trip was to simply run a little farther than I had previously before I had to stop and walk for a little bit. I kept telling myself I just want to make it one or two driveways past that house and I’ll be happy! To my amazement, I made it a lot more than one or two driveways past my designated walking point.

Don’t get me wrong, I didn’t cruise past that designated spot without a care in the world. It required a lot of determination to keep breathing while pushing through the burning in my calves. I’m still a very long way front crossing the One-Mile Mark without a break but I felt like I made some really good progress.

Thursday completed my first week of training. While I won’t be running this weekend, I do have plans to head over to the Stowe Archers to do a little Shooting and Hiking (We have a rugged Field Course so I should get a decent walk in between shots). I’m still a little concerned about the upcoming 5K but I’m starting to feel a little better and more at ease.


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