Two Consecutive Days in the Gym

Gym and a Run

Today was my second consecutive day at the gym. I’m not sure if it is Beach Season quickly approaching but Anytime Fitness has been much busier than I remember it being around this time last year.

More members using the facility isn’t necessarily a problem, it just means I can’t bounce around from one piece of equipment to another without first planning. I’m beginning to wish we had some more equipment available to us but, it is what it is, and I can’t really complain considering the price and 24 hour benefits.

Today started out much like yesterday and I spent the first 30 minutes of my gym session on the Elliptical. I’m not sure I really care for the Vigorous Burn program. I think I get a better workout and burn more calories when I manually adjust the resistance. I tend to go considerably slower but I feel like I work harder in the same timeframe.

Once the initial cardio session was complete, I headed over to a half-rack and setup for the bench press. Much like my squat, my numbers were considerably lower than they were a few months ago. I maxed out the weight at 135 pounds for my working weight (8-12 reps per set – 3 sets). Once the working sets were done, I did a drop set down to am empty bar (10 pound increments – 6-10 reps per set).

I followed up the bench press with some cable crossovers and tricep push-downs (rope). I did 3 sets of 12 reps for each exercise. I was running short on time and a couple of the other stations were busy, so I hopped on the power mill for 15 minutes to round out the workout.

Later on I had planned to go for a little walk and enjoy a cigarOpens in a new tab.. My daughter wanted to come along and bring her bike. I tried talking her out of riding the bike but I was unsuccessful. She guilted me into going for a little run in the heat.

We covered 1.75 miles and I did some walking along the way. I was more fatigued than winded but it was a nice way to spend a little time with my daughter. We talked about school and she asked about work. If it weren’t so hot (chased us both back to the house earlier than usual) it would have been perfect.


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