USPSA Stage 006: South Chester Re-Design

In late February I attended a USPSA Stage Design Seminar at Southern Chester County Sportsmen’s & Farmers’ Association. The seminar was very informal and meant to bring a few volunteers up to speed in regards to designing stages for that particular club.

Before attending the seminar, we were asked to take an existing club stage and re-design it. The only stipulation was that we were required to use all props and targets on the original stage, no more, no less. The stage below is what I came up with.

Just like previos stages, the stage you see down below is free to use. The only thing that I ask, if you decide to use it at your club, is to shoot me an email at walt at waltinpa dot com and let me know how it went. Letting me know about any setup or shooting issues will help in future stage development and the note would be greatly appreciated.

WaltInPA - Stage 006

Download: – Stage 006

During the troubleshooting stage of the design, I put together a video to share with some fellow shooters. I wanted to get some input before I made my submission. The changes that I mentioned making in the video were made to the final version of my stage.


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