Viking Bags Announcement: Upcoming Review of the Momentum Tail Bag

Being a Blogger, Podcaster, and YouTuberOpens in a new tab. has some perks. Occasionally, I am contacted by various companies requesting product reviews. Sometimes these requests are a bit odd (Cryptocurrency Services and Health Gummies), and other times, they aren’t relevant to what I do (Carbon Fiber Wallets and Keychains). But every now and again, something lands in my Inbox that is both relevant and exciting!

I was recently approached by Viking BagsOpens in a new tab. and asked if I would be interested in trying out one of their products. After a little back and forth ironing out the details, I’m happy to announce that they will supply me with a Viking Momentum Extra Large Street TailbagOpens in a new tab. for review.

This particular motorcycle tail bag is a universal fit which will allow me to test it on both my 2023 Kawasaki Ninja 400 and my 2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP. I intend to use it on both motorcycles and detail my experience in an upcoming Blog Post and YouTube Video.

In the meantime, I encourage you to check out Viking Bags and their sister companies – Elite SportsOpens in a new tab. and Born ToughOpens in a new tab.. I would also like to thank them for this opportunity!


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