Viking Momentum Tail Bag Review: Quality Motorcycle Luggage

One of the real pleasures in life is the ability to hop on my motorcycle and ride. Often I’m not quite sure where I’m going, but I almost always wear a backpack. Neither my 2022 Yamaha MT-09 SP nor my 2023 Kawasaki Ninja 400 have onboard storage.

One of my goals this riding season is to make an overnight motorcycle trip, and I know one thing for sure – my Sedicci Motorcycle Backpack probably doesn’t have enough storage. Fortunately, the fine folks over at Viking Bags reached out to me recently and asked if I would be interested in testing one of their products (free of charge) in exchange for a product review.

I was happy to take them up on their offer, and we began ironing out the details. It was decided that the best product for me to test and review would be a Street Series Viking Bags Momentum Tail BagOpens in a new tab.. This tail bag is Universal Fit and offers over 2,000 cubic inches of storage space.

The Viking Bags Momentum Tail Bag is a universal fit motorcycle luggage system that can be used on its own or in conjunction with the Viking Bags Street Bike Saddlebags. It is made from a weatherproof Cordura material, provides ample storage, and includes reflective panels for improved safety.

While I haven’t had the opportunity to take the Momentum Tail Bag on an Overnight Motorcycle Trip, I have used it quite a bit for commuting and errands. I’ve discovered some pros and cons with this tail bag and hope that my experience helps you decide on your next piece of motorcycle luggage.

About Viking Bags

Viking Bags is located in Los Angeles, California, and got their start crafting Saddlebags one set at a time. They utilized top-quality leather and focused on providing customers with not only exquisite craftsmanship but also unique features.

Over the years, Viking Bags has expanded from a small selection of Saddle Bags to an array of Motorcycle Luggage for all riders and motorcycle styles.

Viking Momentum Tail Bag

The Viking Momentum Tail Bag is part of the Street Series designed Street Motorcycles and SportbikesOpens in a new tab.. It is offered in two sizes – Small and Extra Large. Both options are made from a Cordura and offer weatherproof storage with MOLLE expansions on the lid.

The Viking Momentum Series Tail Bags are universally fit and connect to your motorcycle by way of adjustable straps. They also include a non-slip rubberized base that prevents the tail bag from sliding once installed.

Small Viking Momentum Tail Bag

The Viking Momentum Small Tail Bag features a single storage compartment that measures 14.1″ long x 11″ wide x 5.9″ high. The storage compartment can be expanded by way of a zipper to increase the height to 9″ for a total storage capacity of 854 cubic inches.

The Viking Momentum Tail Bag in size small is $99.99 and includes a 1-Year Warranty.

Viking Momentum Tail Bag - Small - Top View

Extra Large Viking Momentum Tail Bag

The Viking Momentum Extra Large Tail Bag features three storage compartments and measures 15.7″ long x 16.9″ wide x 9.8″ high. The primary storage compartment can be expanded by way of a zipper to increase the height to 14.5″ for a total storage capacity of 2074 cubic inches.

The Viking Momentum Tail Bag in size extra large is $169.99 and includes a 1-Year Warranty.

Viking Momentum Tail Bag - Extra Large

Weatherproof Design

The body of the Viking Momentum Tail Bag is made from Cordura. The material is stiff enough to maintain its shape and shed a minimal amount of water. The bags contain a liner that appears to be made from a vinyl-like material that reduces the amount of water that can permeate through the Cordura and to the contents of the tail bag.

The top of the Viking Momentum Tal Bag is a semi-rigid dome wrapped in leather. This cap covers the primary zippers and helps shed water away from the area of the bag that is most susceptible to leakage. Additionally, a plastic rain cover is supplied with each Momentum Tail Bag.

While I have not tested my Viking Momentum Bag in the rain, it seems it could easily handle a short trip in mild to moderate rain without my luggage getting wet. For heavy rain, I suspect the rain cover would be required to keep the water at bay.

Universal Fit Attachment

The Viking Momentum Tail Bag is Universal Fit and can be attached to a wide range of motorcycles. This is achieved by using four adjustable nylon straps that connect the tail bag to various points on your bike. Viking Bags recommends using the passenger footpegs for the front connection and the tail of your motorcycle for the rear connection.

With these four straps synched down and the non-slip bottom engaged to your seat, the Viking Momentum Tail Bag is held securely in place. Unlike other Tail Bags on the market, this mounting system allows it to be used with Saddle Bags for a complete touring setup.

Benefits of the Viking Momentum Tail Bag

The Viking Momentum Extra Large Tail Bag is a quality piece of motorcycle gear that offers a variety of great features.

Storage Capacity

The Storage Capacity on the Viking Momentum Extra Large Tail Bag is impressive at 2074 Cubic Inches. Fully expanded, this bag can easily carry a change of clothes and an extra pair of shoes for an overnight trip.

In addition to the large primary storage compartment, the tail bag includes two small side pockets and a mesh internal pocket for quick access items.

Leather Wrapped Cap

The Viking Momentum Tail Bag utilizes a stiff cap to cover the primary storage compartment. It is wrapped in leather to make cleaning road dirt a breeze. In addition, it also includes two MOLLE connection points for future expansion.

The leather-clad cap is slightly oversized so that it covers the primary storage compartment zipper. This diverts water away from the bag in the event that you find yourself caught in light rain.

Fit and Finish

One area where the Viking Momentum Tail Bag shines is in its construction. It has the right amount of heft to make it feel like a quality piece of motorcycle gear. The Cordura shell is stiff enough that it maintains its shape under normal use.

Viking Momentum Tail Bag - Mounted on Yamaha MT-09 SP

Where the Viking Momentum Tail Bag Could Be Better

While there are a variety of things to love about the Viking Momentum Tail Bag, there are a couple of areas where I feel it could be improved.

Internal Tie-Down

I own two smaller Nelson Rigg Commuter Series Tail Bags, and one handy feature that they offer is an internal tie-down. Velcro straps secure your cargo and prevent it from moving around within the storage compartment. The Viking Momentum Tail Bag does not offer any internal strapping.

This isn’t a feature that I’ve used often, but it does come in handy on occasion. Since the storage capacity of the Momentum Tail Bag is so great, it would be nice if there was a way to secure larger items in the tail bag.

Attachment System

Many Motorcycle Tail Bags on the market utilize a nylon strapping system that connects under the seat. I’ve found these systems to be a hassle as they wrap the seat and can make reattaching it cumbersome.

The Viking Momentum Tail Bag takes a slightly different approach and instead attaches to the tail and rear footpegs. This simplifies attachment and allows them to be used in conjunction with Saddlebags – instead of one or the other.

Viking Bags Momentum Tail Bag - Attachment

The problem with this approach is that it is messy. Nylon straps wrapped around various motorcycle components isn’t a clean look. Depending on the shape of your motorcycle, the straps touching plastic or paint could result in damage.

As much as I like getting away from wadded-up nylon tucked under my seat, I dislike this mounting system and think a better solution is needed.

While doing research for this review, I discovered that only the Extra Large Tail Bag has this troublesome attachment system. The Small version of this bagOpens in a new tab. attaches under the seat and eliminates the need for long nylon straps.

Viking Momentum Tail Bag - Small - Bottom

Purchase a Viking Momentum Motorcycle Tail Bag

I hope that this review has helped you decide on purchasing a Viking Momentum Tail Bag for your motorcycle. To purchase a bag of your own, please visit the Viking Bags WebsiteOpens in a new tab. and browse their impressive selection of Motorcycle Luggage.


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