Visiting A Friend With Cigars in Tow

Cigar Grab Bag - 1

At this very moment I am preparing to head down to the Spring City area to visit a very good friend of mine. This friend is directly responsible for my cigar hobby and he never lets me forget it. Before I moved to Reading, we used to hang out on a regular basis. Since the move, we hardly get together anymore due to the hour drive separating our houses.

When I make plans to visit I always make sure to load up a bag of cigars to take down to him. With the variety of cigars that I pick up on my travels, I like to put together a small sampling of the cigars that he isn’t going to find at his local tobacconist.

Every time we get together and I drop off a goodie bag of cigars he is always very appreciative. This is one of the bonds of cigar smokers that I’ll never get tired of. Watching someone, good friend or new friend, root through a gift bag of cigars will always bring a smile to my face.

Do you share cigars with friends?
If so, what do you like about the experience?


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